Tuesday, 29 December 2015

MOnAT's Women Of The Year 2015

Hello #glowers!
Wow! the year 2015 has come to an end!...Well we have a few more days to go but "technically" 2015 is done!

What a year it was for our great nation Cameroon especially considering all the talented individuals that broke through and made us proud!

It is with great honor that today, we are able to look back and see great achievements by individuals and groups. However, we will be focusing on individuals.

To kick off our end of year posts, we came up with a list of 10 beautiful, strong, and industrious women, whose hustle we do not only RESPECT, but are also PROUD OF and want to ENCOURAGE.

These ladies are hard workers who are experts at what they do and have been persistent in their hard work which has paid off big time!

As you all already know, Cameroonian women are hard workers and go-getters! These women have shown us, especially in 2015, that anything and everything is possible and we can definitely learn a thing or two from them.

In no particular order, here goes...

Okawa Shaznay

This beautiful Cameroonian actress just scored her place as one of the most well known in the nation and internationally!

Being the first to successfully break into Nollywood, Shaznay still proudly represents the #team237 as she stars with the Nollywood greats.

This year has been particularly successful for her as she has gotten huge roles in many awesome movies. Also this year, she has had a surge in her following from in and out of the country. She
became even more popular and yes people want to know where she is from! #reppin' the #greenRedYellow you go girl!

MJ Chouchou Mpacko

Where to begin?!
This is the lady who almost broke twitter with tweets and follows!

Well, that's just one part of her story.

A social media socialite, a blogger, and a woman with an inspiring mind. If you are on twitter you definitely already know her! 

This multi-talented lady who has been featured in non-Cameroonian magazines and other platforms is a force to recon with when it comes to social media.

Soraya Sone

 Her name is no longer new to us, It was early this  year that Soraya sone came in the Event spotlight in Cameroon. barely one year she has left no stone untouched, a very popular event and wedding planner with class and style.

Soraya who is the CEO and founder of  of LUXE Wedding and Event  Design is a lady who understands the event planning world and she is the game changer. With her signature events Soraya just needs you to rent the space and leave the magic to her. From planning the Dewar Scotch dinner, to the CCMC Fashion night gala,  Visiter L'Afrique brunch to all Exquisite and memorable weddings this year she's still at the top of her game.

 If there's one thing we really can't leave out it's Soraya's life philosophy which goes by ''Working as though you were working for the Lord and not for Human beings'' .

We celebrate her for making Cameroonians to see events differently with her great taste and colours.

Zommi Vanessa.

The beautiful Vanessa Zommi is a holder of a BSC in Chemical Engineering from the Catholic University Institute of Buea. She is the CEO and founder of the Emerald Moringa tea which addresses the chronic increasing death rate of the Cameroonian population as a result of diabetes. According to her Teams reseach about 15% of the Buea population age 15 to 99 suffer from diabetes and up to 80% are not aware of their condition.

 Vanessa who was also finalist at the Azinsha Price award has become one of the youngest CEOs in Cameroon with her aim of saving lives of diabetic patients . She also won the the award at the SME innovation competiton that was held in Douala from the 5¬9th of December at hotel Sawa. She has also made headlines of news, blogs website and  many other media platform because of her great inniative to help stop diabetes in her community. We are so proud of this 20 years old CEO whose dreams to empower more than one million women. This young entrepreneur right here is sure an inspiration to many young girls out there, Go team Emerald Moringa....

Sophy Aiida

This beauty here needs no more introduction to the world of entertainment, the delectable and ever stunning Sphy Aiida is so far the best entertainer i have ever seen in Cameroon with a melange of beauty and brain. She started her career as an artist with her first sungle Break it Down which is a mixture of  Afro¬pop and  RnB, while staying abroad for a very long time, Sophy thought it wise to return back to Cameroon where she believes she will be more atta^rched to her roots. She has been seen from one big events to other natably The K walk, The Kora Awards where she was a cohost and also on the Annual Fashion show last year at the Saint John's Plaza in Douala.

She then started with her talk show FOCUS ON which interviews Cameroonian Celebrities. Sophy is now the host of one of Cameroon's most talked about show Y'ello Time which is proudly sponsored by MTN Cameroon which is a digital Tv show and it's been aired on several home base TV stations. I must say she is an Oprah in the making not just because of her glibness but because of her charisma and pushfulness that has taken her to where she has been, the sky is your limit Sophy. With all this, we believe celebrating a hard working DIVA just made her eaned a place in this classification.

Jessica Ngoua Nseme

Miss Cameroon 2015, Miss World Cameroon 2015, deserves every applause she receives for a job well done!

This lady has definitely represented us well, and still is! 

Her beauty, her humility, and her heart to serve are only a few things that made her suitable for the job. 

Kudos to you!

Mallah Tabot

Many little girls wish to become princesses when they grow up...others wish to change the world and make it a better place in which every little girl becomes a princess in her own kingdom!

Through her effort in fighting for women in Cameroon and all over the world, Mallah became a Queen's young leader this year. She actually got to meet the Queen of England, representing Cameroon in the most honorary, yet humble way!

We are so proud of you and keep doing what you are doing!

Sahndra Fon Dufe

Cameroon's proud Amazon best selling author, actress, and vloger.

 Between her best selling book YEFON, and the kid's version, and the hit movies she has been in this year, we had no choice but to salute her for a job well done!

Cynthia Tabe

Owner of 'Dulce Camer' blog Cynthia Tabe could not have gone unnoticed! Between her successful PR company and her clothing store WARDROBE, and her newly launched  online magazine VAULT which featured as first cover the modern day Princess Brenda Biya, only Cynthia can bring the first daughter of the Republic on her cover page. There is no doubt this lady is leaving nothing to chance! #hardworker! You go girl!

Charlotte Dipanda

A musician with the voice of an angel and beautiful inside out! The Camer songstress who moved the Cameroonian Public with her hit song Elle n'a pas vu is a song which celebrates her mum for not being alived to witness her success as one of Cameroon's most celebrated Afropop artist. 

With all her nominations and awards won, she could not be overlooked this year!
Congrats pretty lady, and keep making us proud!

Missy BK

This multi-award winning singer with a big heart became the ambassador for Cameroon Career Women this year, in addition to all her nominations and wins, including her orphanage and the children she is sponsoring through secondary school.

You think that's too much for one lady? Not for Missy!!!

You know we love and support you... keep up the good work!

Kibonen Nfi

This Cameroonian designer who represented us at the Mercedes fashion show just keeps climbing and not even the sky is her limit! With all her numerous achievements this year; which includes her feature on Vogue Italia as the first Cameroonian ever and also gained one of the most talked about post on Humans of New York which went viral on social media for some days. This God-fearing lady only had to make our list or Women of the Year!

Well there you have it!...it's true we can't have all the beautiful hardworking women here, but this is our list for MOnAT's Women of The Year 2015!!!

To learn more about them, you can visit their social media accounts: facebook, twitter, instagram etc!

Please feel free to mention the hard working ladies who inspire you.

2016 is around the corner...we will be on a look out for every single move you make...maybe you'll be on our list next time!

We love you all

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  1. totally digging these chicks! Amazing put together Glowmonat. You've most of my favs on the list

    1. thanks for the comment @Shalom, much appreciated and much love!

  2. Waltrude Namondo Nganje30 December 2015 at 13:07

    I'm wowed! Job well done ladies. Hope to discover more wonderful women, even those working behind the scenes

    1. thank you, hopefully we bring them all to the spotlight. Thanks for the comment. Much love

  3. Amazing. Other blogs should learn from you. We don't just need noise makers as bloggers but those who know what they are actually doing. Great job my ladies

    1. Thank you, I think we are all getting there, slowly but surely!
      Much appreciated and much love!

  4. loving the list

  5. Great compilation of amazing Cameroonian ladies doing their thing. Every single one of them has an amazing story to tell. Thank you for highlighting the accomplishments of Cameroon's finest talents.

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