Saturday, 26 December 2015

See Pictures Of The First Ever 2Degrees Coctail Party

Cocktail Dinatoire #2Degrees  
Where real identities are discovered
Where Great ideas are shared
Where networking happens
Where you sip, talk and meet a whole lot game changers in Cameroon!
2035 on the Rise!


It's so amazing when two people with brains comes up with a powerful and great initiative, Young Cameroonians are on the HYPE and they are doing great at what they best know how to do it. They are all trying to put Cameroon on the map. 2Degrees is a new meet up which was conceived by Laura Eboa Songue and Marie Josephine Mpacko aka MJ. 2 Degrees was a platform to celebrate promising Cameroonians; being in business, fashion, social media or music. 2Degrees was sponsored by Hotel Pullman Douala, Rabingha et Glenfiddich internet with a deeeep purpose



Laura Eboua who is the cofounder of FASHIZBLACK which is an online Magazine and  also the Head of fashion cluster of AfricaFrance. MJ who is a social media influencer and also the co founder of one of Cameroon's finest female page Kamer Sista which is a page which celebrates cameroonian women and also a platform for women to share their ideas and experiences in different domain.
When I asked the Cerveau behind this beautiful initiative, Laura Eboua what inspired her to come up with such a rare idea she had this to say '' The inspiration maily came from my desire of gathering Cameroonian young leaders in one space inorder to build up relationships and create new bonds. In order to do so, I believe the best way was to invite one part and let our quest pickpick 2 of the most inspiring people in the network to join us. This is how we came out with 50 young influencers on December 18 at the Pullman in Douala where the first ever 2Degrees was being held'' 


At this gathering the guest were able to relax, meet each other, shae ideas and have a great time.
 It was a moment of discovery and connecting with real influencers where all the guest had to uncover their real identity.  It was simple but yet extremely efficient format. It was always the goal to make it as impactful as possible and it starts with each and everyone of us to create that change we need. We really do need this kind of game changers who are able to put promising Cameroonians in one platform. 


Go #Team237 #2DegreesRocks


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