Saturday, 9 January 2016

A Cameroonian Expelled From Denmark For Having Worked Too Much

Denmark has expelled a student to Cameroon for exceeding the number of hours allowed for part-time work, lamented Saturday, January 9 Aarhus University.Youbi Marius, 30, who is studying engineering, had to return to Cameroon January 7, an order requiring him to leave Denmark on or before January 8.
The small Scandinavian country, which has one of the strictest policies on immigration, has further tightened its rules in this area in recent months to deter foreigners seek a new life.Youbi Marius, who works part time as a maintenance worker to finance his studies, was occasionally accused of having exceeded the 15-hour work week to which he was entitled.

Contrôle d'identité à Copenhague pour empêcher les migrants illégaux d'entrer en Suède, le 4 janvier 2016.

The university asked immigration authorities to reconsider their decision, but in vain, told AFP his spokesman Anders Correll.
"Marius Youbi is one of our best students," pointed out rector Brian Bech Nielsen in a letter in December to the administration, which AFP received a copy.
In an interview with Danish Radio just before he left for Cameroon, Youbi Marius said he was "sad and disappointed".
"My job is spoiled: four and a half went up in smoke," he added. "I built something here in Denmark. I have many friends, family that I leave behind. It's hard to say goodbye to so many things right, "he said.
Youbi Marius added that he however kept the hope of returning to Denmark to resume his studies.
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