Monday, 4 January 2016

Controversies Surrounding Brenda Biya's Appearance In A Rap Video

It's no news to us  that our modern day princess and the first daughter of the Republic of Cameroon is a socialite and quiet different from other President's daughter.

Brenda treats herself like any normal girl by going to regular places. She's that kind of social media chic who will make you just love her just by reading her pages on Insta, Facebook and on Twitter.

Lately there has been so many controversies surrounding her apparance in a video clip by upcoming Cameroonian Afropop and Regea Artist Blacky ft Dex Willy titled ''Change My Life''.

Many blogs go around saying she has reduced the pride of Cameroon by acting as a video vixen in a rap clip and to an artist who is not yet recognised in Cameroon.

 Being the President's daughter some say she has no right to appear in a video of that nature.
First of all it's a gospel rap and portrays good example for young people with an excellent message for all youth especially and to everyone else!...take a good listen!

To me Brenda is just being real and acting like any normal girl of her age, and also we should learn to portray our country and it's people in a positive way and not insult them for what they do. Michelle Obama has been featured in numerous music videos and even has a rap song with positive messages to encourage kids around the world. So this is a good thing!

What's your take on this??? Let us know what you think, we'll love ro read from you.

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1 comment:

  1. Abeg Wuna leave pweety Brenda alone! She's being an ordinaary girl. Plus the video is really good!