Monday, 4 January 2016

MOnAT's Men To Watch( 2016)

Hello our favorite people #glowers!

Are you having a blast on the blog yet this new year???

Well, here is one more thing to get you excited!

Camer has many talented young men who are making us proud and taking the entertainment industry by storm!

Today, we will be introducing you to a few of them we are keeping an eye out for this 2016. You may already know them, but today, we are letting you know we will be watching them this year.

Don't get it wrong, these guys have already established themselves and made a name in the entertainment industry. We will however be watching them this year expecting greater things!

Here goes, in no particular order:

Kang Quintus:

This one-of-a-kind actor has validated the statement that "hard work and talent go hand in hand"!

Last year, the award winning actor became even more popular after his wins and nominations, and the incredible talent he portrayed in his movies especially "Ekie" and "Rejected" which everyone was and is still  talking about.

With all what we discovered about him in 2015 and the previous years, we are expecting much more from him this year...expect to see him take the movie industry by storm with new ideas and such high creativity!

Keep it up bro... you are already a star and you are rising even higher!


His song #CollerLaPetite went viral in such a short time! We wouldn't want him to be a one-hit-wonder, and we don't expect him to be because he is super talented!

Watch out for this one people!

Allene Menget:

One of ur favorite actors/ comedian/ Tv personality and much more!!!

Allene is a force to recon with in the entertainment industry! He is a man of many talents and it's no surprise that he made our list!!!

With such a flourishing career, we will be watching him closely this year to take comedy to another level and give us a spot internationally! 

Kudos and keep up!

Mambe Churchill Nanje:

'Njorku' is a job search platform which in my opinion is better than google (wink)!

This innovative young entrepreneur  is absolutely one to watch out for!

VallyCool F.

VallyCool is a socialite and fashionista, who recently started his own blog "Men Of Tastes" that went viral in just a few weeks.

Vally is also and inspirational/ motivational speaker, as well as a musician. He is a man of many talents who took off this 2015 soaring on wings like an eagle. 

His facebook page is followed by thousands, his videos go viral, his songs even though not released yet are already been played and enjoyed by many, and his blog is what everyone is talking about!

He has also managed many clubs in Cameroon and knows a lot about the music industry, which makes him very qualified as the new manager for one of Cameroon's favorite duo the "P Brodaz"!

We will definitely be watching out for this one this year...what are you coming up with next bro???
Check out 'Men of Tastes' here >>>


This musician who was brought to the spotlight after releasing his hit song "Margo" just keeps going higher and not even the sky is his limit!

Everyone wants his autograph (I do too) and boy does he make us proud or what???

He has the looks, and the swag to go with the fame!

The release of his new song "Ndutu" leaves us wondering what to expect from him next!

Watch Here>>>

Denzel Joe-Hova:

This is one model that gives you the "chills" when you look at this photos!!! #real!

This 2016, watch out for Denzel!!!

Kelly B:

This extraordinary photographer has captured the best moments and we can't stop looking at his work!

From love stories, to fierce women, to smiles that melt our hearts...what next to do have for us??? #watching!!!

Patou Manga:

This fashionista has defined style and redefined fashion!

Of all the men we will be watching this year, our eyes will be fixed on this one for new #trends, #styles and many fashionably innovative ideas!

There you have it!

To learn more about these guys, you can google them, or find them by searching their names on all social media.

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