Saturday, 2 January 2016

Now Available: Bhywlas Couture & Accessories By Yvonne Jolie

Happy New year dearest #glowers!

Hope y'all ended the year with a bang like we did right here at MOnAT!

Well the old is gone, and we can only move forward. Speaking of moving forward, what a way to begin the new year by launching a new fashion and style magazine!

Is someone already getting our attention for "Women of The Year 2016"? (wink wink)!!!
Yvonne Jolie is a Cameroonian actress and fashion designer/stylist  based in the U.S.A. who has been featured here on MOnAT more than once and she is so innovative we can't help it!
Here are a few photos of Yvonne rocking her own designs, a little taste of what you might see in the magazine
Want more right???

  The magazine Bhywlas Couture & Accessories By Yvonne Jolie  will be published four times a year (Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter).

The first Edition is already available beginning  January 1st 2016 and subscription began December 30th 2015 to the website . Do not be the last to get in on this!

Start this new year in style, and stay stylish with #BhywlasCouture!!!

Do you have a new year resolution yet?
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