Saturday, 6 February 2016

Miss Face of MOnAT Launch (Mlle Visage de Monat lancement)

Hello there #glowers!

You ask, we answer! We finally decided to proceed with one of the suggestions you gave us... we are now ready to have a Miss Face of MOnAT!!! How exciting is that???

Hope you all are doing well. We are happy to launch our Miss Face of MOnAT. Miss Face of MOnAT will be nominated and voted by our fans every beginning of the year. Once named Miss Face of MOnAT, her photo will appear alongside our logo as the cover page of all our pages and on our blog throughout the year. She will also get free publicity from us in any domain she desires. She will gain exposure to brands and in the entertainment industry. Requirements;
bilingual in English and French (at least know the basics of the second language)
A "People person" who is likable and friendly and ready to work as a team to promote MOnAT, with a good sense of fashion.
Comment nominations under the post and voting will be open for one week. If you are interested, send your pictures to us at

Espérons que vous allez bien . Nous sommes heureux de lancer notre Mlle Visage de monat . Mlle Visage de monat sera nommé et voté par nos fans tout début de l'année . Une fois nommé Mlle face monat , sa photo apparaît aux côtés de notre logo comme la page de couverture de tous nos pages et sur ​​notre blog tout au long de l'année . Elle sera également obtenir une publicité gratuite de notre part dans un domaine qu'elle désire . Elle obtiendra une exposition à des marques et à l'industrie du divertissement .

Âge: 18-45
bilingue en anglais et en français ( au moins connaître les bases de la langue seconde ) Une " personne " qui est sympathique et convivial et prêt à travailler en équipe pour promouvoir Monat, avec un bon sens de la mode.

Commentaire nominations en vertu de la poste et le vote seront ouverts pendant une semaine. Si vous êtes intéressé , envoyer vos photos à
This is a year- long thing!..think about all the opportunities this could get you!
You asked for it...we are bringing this to you... are you ready to nominate and vote???
Let's do this!!!
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Contact us at
we could be at your next event and cover it!



  1. What a genius idea! This will be a great way to get even more publicity as the New Face of Monat will be more than excited to share this amazing blog to her friends to see her as teh Face of MONAT! I can't wait to see who it will be :-)

    1. We are very exited as well @the hotjem!!! thanks :)