Monday, 29 February 2016

MOnAT's Fresh New Face: #MFM2016 Winner Announced!

Hi there dearest #glowers!!!

The most anticipated moment since the announcement of #MFM2016 has arrived! The winner of Miss Face MOnAT is Njiki Mary #barbie!!!!

After one full week of voting on all approved social media, we finally got a winner.
Besides the obvious  reasons ( more votes on all 3 social media used) here are five good reasons why Mary won;
From the unset, Mary was determined to win. Mary didn't just rely on our posts  on social media to get her votes. She went ahead and shared her photos on all the approved social media, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She was the only contestant who did that.
Good sport:
Mary was very well behaved throughout the voting process. She concentrated on getting her votes and didn't play dirty. Mary was also the only contestant who shared another contestant's photo more than 3 times. Thumbs up to you for that. One of our most important qualities on MOnAT is women who lift each other up and not tear others down. We are proud of you for that.

Mary is a sweet girl, friendly, and kind with a big heart. She is very polite and humble. She is the only contestant who actually showed genuin interest on the blog and did not just concentrate on winning throughout this voting process. There is a reason we made the voting last one week. (Those interested in #mfm2017 here are a few pointers! Wink)
She is a go-getter:
This beautiful young lady right here is the only contestant who repeatedly voted for herself. Even though we only counted each entry once, she voted for herself almost 50 times. when you want something, you go get it! Now that's the spirit!
Social media presence:
We can all agree that Mary is not the only contestant with a great social media presence, but she is the only one who made good use of it. Now that's a quality we love!!!

As you all know, MOnAT is all about the brighter side of life and there are no losers here!!!
Now, in 3rd place is the very pretty Wase! She gets to represent us as her face will be on our official Facebook page for one full week. In 4th place is the beautiful Zinky who will represent us as her face will be on our official Twitter page for the next one full week. And in 5th place is the gorgeous Gisele whose face will be on our official Instagram page for the next one full week. We love you ladies and appreciate your participation.

The first runner up is the stunning Manuella!!! She gets to represent us on all three pages until the official photos of our winner are  available and also gets to walk the runway at the Buea fashion week, fashion show.

Thank you all dearest #glowers.

We appreciate your love and continuous teamMOnAT
and we love you all!!

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