Saturday, 5 March 2016

10 Stylish Female Cameroonians You Should Follow On Instagram

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Instagram has become one of the most used social media applications, with over 300 million users accessing per month, and over 2 billion photographs shared all over the world! O yes my Camer people are not left out, and in celebration of the women's day, here are 10 stylish female Cameroonians you should follow on Instagram. This list is by no means exhaustive, but it's a good start and also to send out shout out to all those #237Ladies making us proud on IG. I practically can't go a day without checking on their fashion tips and updates. Take a look at their twitter account and get some inspirational looks for this womens day

Celine MaDemoiselle @celine_mademoiselle 
Céline is a Belgian based style blogger and content creator who started blogging in 2011, her love for fashion and everything FAB made her to start a blog called Celine MaDemoiselle aka Fashion & word as  Therapy which shows the fashion and  inspirational side of Céline.


Lydia Epangue @artbecomesyou
Idylle is a U.K. based Cameroonian fashion and style blogger who has over 6000 folowers on Instagram. She is one lady filled with beauty and Brain. Follow her on IG for more fashion updates and even hair updates too

        choies colour block cardigan 1 a

Johanna M Dipende @themarycloset
For your daily dose on fashion follow this fashion bombshell who over 11,000 followers on IG who shares her fashion inspiration with the rest of the world check her tips at


Hilda Ngelo
The black and beautiful fashion and style blogger is one to reckon with, she's well known for her gorgeous designer shoes. She shares her love for fashion and entertianment at Follow her for more trendy updates
Marthe Acho @mamichoux 
For your daily dose og great style, follow this mother, nurse and fashion junkie  on IG, she's always bringing something new on her Instagram account reason she goes with the name maMichoux lol...


Olivia Pommier @olivialafabuleuse
The wife, mum and fashion blogger Olivia Pommier runs the eponymous fashion blog at The Parisien based Cameroonian blogger shares her daily tips on fashion and whats trendy to over 21K followers on IG...


Juliette Foxx @romeosfashionfix 
Juliette's eccentric take on fashion is what captivated me to start following her on IG. She's one blogger who knows what she wants, when it comes to rocking boots...OMG she brings it out like she means it. With over 25K followers this bombshell and fashion maven got what it takes to be a blogger.


Cynthia @SimplyCyn 
  Cynthia is arguably one of the most popular Cameroonian fashion bloggers with over 63,500 followers on Instagram. She's one blogger you really need to start following if you're not doing so. She shares her love for fashion and voyage at  As for the hair hmmmm, that one will be for another day!!!


Brenda Chiukam @theonlyskinnybish
The Ankara Queen is a fashion blogger and stylist...she is one of the top Plus Size bloggers who have truly influenced the fashion industry and the women of our time. Brenda has made many plus size ladies to be daring and also to be comfortable in their own skin. Beauty is not all aout size any way... With more than 13,000 followers, the only skinny bish blogger brings out the curviness in her. 
        photo 1-DSC_1210_zpsyf4vb06a.jpg

Harrie @Missblizzers

                Kimono and converse-17

slack pants-11
Missblizzers is a house hold name in the camer fashion world. This blogger yho has over a 1000 followers on IG keeps her followers with fresh fashion tips. She is Beauty and Brain personified. If you follow this Camer beauty on Insta then you know what am talking about.

Et voila!!! here are some 10 Stylish Camer ladies you need to follow on Instagram, Let us know if you know any Camer male fashionista on IG, please give their link in the comment box. We'll love to read from you. Be Social!


  1. Ohhh wow thank you Tina!! Surprised u chose me to be among these amazing ladies! Thank u much!!

  2. Dint even know these ladies till I read this.... Go kamer!!

  3. Thank you for the feature.

  4. FYI brenda "theonlyskinnybish" is not plus size.she is a curvy young lady. Plus size wears size 14 and more.

  5. These ladies really look great! I already follow some of them!

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