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GM Monday Interview - Ade Kelly Evenye On Ten Things People Don't Know About Her, Her Life and Career

Ade Kelly is an award winning actress and is one Camer actress who has had a steady rise in her career ever since she made her debut into the movie industry, kelly speaks about her life, her career growth and things people didn't know about her.
I always wanted to meet this Camer IT girl when am always in Buea but busy schedule won't let me. She is someone who seems to get much media attention without lifting a finger and with all that has been said and written about her, I knew I was going to have an interesting interview. And I was not disappointed. She continues to forge ahead in her career and is breaking new grounds. It's her birth day today and we wanted to celebrate a beauty with brain. Don't forget to drop a word of encouragement to this game changer in the movie industry. 

Glowmonat(GM): Hi Kelly, can you please introduce yourself to our readers?
Kelly:  Hi,I'm Ade Kelly ,a Cameroonian Actress.

GM: You're an actress, how did you discover your  talent?
Kelly: I discovered my talent in my secondary school days...was always infront of the Tv to see how actors interpret diverse roles making  them look real and  in my spare time I will act infront of the mirror...I had already developed the interest and I usually picture myself on screen.

GM:  Who would you say is your role model?
Kelly: Solange Yijika is my role Model.

GM: How do you feel when you act with A Listers actors like John dumelo or Van Vicker? How was the experience like?
Kelly: I have acted alongside John Dumelo and it was a wonderful opportunity, He is a very simple guy and he motivated me alot.
With John Dumelo

GM: How do you feel when you're on camera?
Kelly: When am infront of the camera I feel alive.

GM: how is your career unfolding?
Kelly: Presently working on two projects,they have been keeping me super busy and I have  more future  projects. ..My career is looking very bright in the near future.
With Libota Maco on set

GM: what do you enjoy most about acting?
 Kelly: What I enjoy most is playing diverse roles so i can explore other aspects of my innate ability and living these characters.  

GM: what was a great moment for you as an actress?      
Kelly: My great  moment was when I received my first award...I was so happy that my work is recognized n appreciated,It comes with a great responsibility to keep working hard.

GM: what has been your personal key to success?          
Kelly: My personal key to success are Self-confidence, self-discipline,Prayers, I am open to critics cuz I  luv to learn,I strive to do my best and I have a positive outlook.

GM: Ten things people don't know about you?
Kelly:  Talking about ten things people don't know about me would probably be that;
-I was Born on 28/03/1993
-Am the Last child
-My father is of late
-My favorite sports is table tennis
-I don't have many friends
-My favourite meal is Ripe Plantains n Chicken sauce
-I love my Mirror
-I am very playful
-I am assistive
-I have a boyfriend

GM: Would you say the movie industry in Cameroon is on track? Or you think they need to work on some little things to get put them on track?
Kelly: Yeah we're on the right track....IF we keep up with the good content and have a good market for our movies then in the short run we will be widely recognized.

GM: some weeks ago on your Facebook profile you posted wedding bells soon... Are you thinking about marriage for now?
Kelly: Marriage is a good thing  when you're ready for it.

GM:You started your career at a tender age, were your parents ok that their little beautiful princess was entering into entertainment?
Kelly:  My Family has been very supportive so far,they give me words of advice which I heed to.I'm very thankful they are by me every step of my acting journey.

GM: what makes you different as an actress? Last word to our readers and your fans?
Kelly: Humility and I am open to critic n advice. I love you guys and I appreciate your support and encouragments in my career,gives me the drive to work harder.

GM: Happy bday and we wish to know how you're spending this new age..with friends or?
Kelly: Thanks  loads,Spending my Birthday with very special people in my life.
Hope you liked the short but very interesting interview by this award winning actress.... We'll love to hear from you.

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