Saturday, 19 March 2016

Kevin Hart Tells Google: Stop Mistaking Me For Bill Cosby

Mistaken: A search for 'Bill Cosby's net worth' brought up this correct information about the 78-year-old actor's career - and a very incorrect image of Kevin Hart

Stars really don't like it when they are being mistaken for someone else, to them that's a big no! And come to think of it when it concerns the scandelous and disgraceful Bill Cosby... Last week the 36 year old American comedian; Kevin Hart  image was brought up on google when people search for Bills Cosby's net worth.
The comedian jokingly asked google to take his image off Cosby's search as he wrote on his twitter handle 'Oh @ google can you please take my picture off of Bills Cosby's net worth search, thanks in advance guys!!! appreciate ya.'

Tweet: Hart Tweeted Google about the mistake, bringing it to the attention of his fans

Some few minutes later google rectified the error.

 This isn't  the first time google algorithms have brought up trouble results, it was also known that last year, google tagged photos of black people as gorillas which they later apologised and the problem was rectified.


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