Thursday, 31 March 2016

Maison D'afie- Autumn/Summer 2016/2017 Collection Is Flawless


Cameroonian designers are making such a huge splash on the global fashion scene and the world is taking notice. Collection by collection, they continue to show that they’re on par with their colleaguess in other parts of the world and Cameroonian brand, Maison d’Afie is a testament to that.



Created in 2009, Maison d’Afie has remained a connoisseurship brand slowly growing in popularity with each year’s collection.  As the brand gradually goes global, it remains true and connected to its heritage through colour and texture and by providing improved lifestyles for both its ever evolving clients and the craftsmen behind the garments.

Their new collection called "Tiki" which in the designers native Douala language means "Precious", Maison d’Afie offer a sartorial delight captured with their signature mid-centurysilhouette. The collection lingers charmingly between hardness and gentleness creating a closet-defining capsule summarized as a confident lady with a deliberate (intentional) sense of style.”


The collection is indeed timeless wowww, so proud of this Cameroonian female clothing brand Maison d'Afie.

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