Friday, 25 March 2016

Meatballs Sauce: How To Make Tasty Meatballs Sauce

Easter is the time to celebrate, reflect and settle down on some personal issues. Christ is risen and for this we know he will always be with us. Though it's a short season we always have plenty to eat during Easter Sunday, let's keep the chicken stew on a low key and give your family a taste of this yummy meatballs. Its very easy to cook and it's not time consuming as well. Follow the steps carefully and I bet you, your sauce will be so woww....

If you enjoy cooking meatballs then after finishing this recipe of meatballs sauce you're going to thank me for adding this to your Easter menu
Get rid of the Easter eggs and try the meatballs instead....

Meatballs sauce it's a sauce that can be eaten with several compliments and if you have trouble with kids trying to eat veggies,then it's a great way to add in much vegetables since they love meatballs due to its flavour and tasty nature. They are very easy to cook and you can never go wrong with meatballs as a menu in parties..
Prep time:15mins
Cooking time: 30mins
Ingredients.                          Serves:4
*500g of grind meat mixed with one large carrot.
*6 large fresh tomatoes.
* one bell pepper
*2tbs grind white pepper.
*1tsp grind black pepper.
*1 large egg.
*2spring onions chopped.
*3large onions (divided)
*1 large green pepper sliced
*4 cubes of maggi (divided)
*4 large carrots sliced
*vegetable oil

1- Place the grind meat in a tefal frying pan.Slice an onion, a glove of garlic peeled, Paisley, basilic and other spice and blend it in a mixer. Thereafter add the grind spices to the meat. To it all the 2tsp of white pepper,1tsp of black pepper, an egg, two cubes of maggi, 1tbsp of vegetable oil and add salt  to taste.
2- Mix it together until the  meat becomes uniform. There after start making your small balls and place in the tefal frying pan and to it add a tsp of oil so that the meat doesn't stick together.
3- Put on the burner and place the frying pan on it and steam for 10minutes without adding any additional water. Let it cook well then put off the burner.

4- Cut the tomatoes,the remaining onions, one bell pepper, garlics, a slice of ginger, and blend by chopping in the mixer. I really don't like when tomatoes are too soft after blending so I just chop it.

5- Put the blend tomatoes in a pot and put on the burner then cook for 15 minutes until you don't feel any sour taste. To it, add two cooking spoon of vegetable oil, the chopped spring onions and green pepper, the sliced carrots, the maggi cubes, salt for seasoning and of course the meat balls. Let it cook again for 2-3 minutes and put off the burner. Make sure the vegetable doesn't over cook. Veggies always have to stay a little crunchy so over cooking it kills all the necessary vitamins and nutrients.

6- And your meatballs Easter special is ready it can be served with any compliment of your choice. But since am a rice mistress, I decided to serve it with rice just like that.

Remember not to cook with so much oil, salt or cubes. This is for a better and healthier you! Enjoy

Do not forget to add this to your Easter menu and make a difference. We'll love to read from you and let us know if you tried this yummy meatballs recipe at home lovelies. Have a great Easter....


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