Saturday, 19 March 2016

Photos: Syndy Emade First Cameroonian On The Krystn Enem Show

 If you've not been watching this Cameroonian day time show on Africa Magic Urban hosted by the beautiful and eloquent Krystn Enem then you're missing out. Since the debut of her show in Naija we have been watching other country take a lead on the show, but the Blue rain boss and actress Syndy Emade break the silence by being the first ever Cameroonian Celebrity to grace this show. During her interview The actress and model shared her views about the Cameroon film industry, her take on marriage and her future plans..
  I can't wait to watch the new season of the show, see more photos below

They both look gorgeous, we sure need you here for taping ooo miss Kyrstn



  1. Love the support. ..zinky will be next

    1. O yes Zinky you definitely will be next, Na just to trust God oo

  2. Wowww this KE show is becoming more popular by the day. I love her show just that she should showcase more Cameroonian talent on it.

  3. Na wa ooo, so this Syndy girl play play don't become star? Hihihihi. Please wake up you ain't no star, who knows you sef, selfish girl who thinks she's the best actress. I hate this girl!