Friday, 25 March 2016

Scandal At Central Hospital Yaoundé

Am so sorry to spoil your day dear glowers. I took this from a friends wall on FB, the photos are graphic.....


What is happening to our country lord, our hearts bleeds, we're filled with so much anger. Just barely two weeks after the Monique's Koumate incident in Douala due to the wickedness of Drs she lost her life and that of her two kids. Reports reaching us says a certain lady who was six months pregnant went to the Central hospital in Yaoundé for check up and the Drs asked her to come into the labour room and she told the Dr she's not here for delivery but just for checkup, if you insist, my problem is not money just look for 4 incubators and put the babies in it cos am not due the woman said. They gave her two force labor drips and she put to birth 4 beautiful babies all alive. They put all babies in trays and when the lady asked to put the babies in the incubators even the one they saw at Chantal Biya's foundation the Drs told them not to teach them their jobs. Some hours later they brought the babies all dead in a plastic bag.

I have some questions for these Cameroonian Drs; is this another lie? And what job are they talking about? The jobs that has turn into hospital killing pregnant wives and innocent babies? Is this a form of rituals entering into our hospitals? Do they really have one aorta of love for other human beings? My heart hurts, I cry for the Cameroon of today. What else do we have to say about this? Four babies!  God help my country and take this wickedness away from our Doctors. Trop c'est trop!!!

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  1. God have mercy. This is pure negligence....what is this world turning into