Thursday, 7 April 2016

Meet The Cameroonian Stylist Who Dresses The Queens Of The Basilica Of Saint-Denis

The Cameroonian born stylist Lamyne Mohamed dresses queens who lies in the basilica of saint Denis, necropolis of the kings of France.

The basilica is home to the royal necropolis of France. Dagobert I (602-639) was the first to be buried there ... Almost fourteen centuries later, it is in beautiful light blue, yellow and red of its beautiful stained glass windows that Cameroonians Lamyne Mr. exhibits his "great royal robes
 This monument is complex, there are people who are jealously guarding its image and some believed they were going to dress up effigies with tunics ... But the chairman of CMN, Philippe Bélaval, showed immediately enthusiastic and immediately supported the approach. "

  The idea which was born more than four years, has taken"two years, six months and twenty-seven days" to take shape. The result is thirteen dresses with 3 meters high, eight installed in the apse and the crypt of the basilica. Eight dresses designed by the artist with the students of the school of business of arts and textile design and women's home district Floreal Saint-Denis, in partnership with Franciade the association. Eight dresses were designed to dress women who rest in the same place.

      Through the magic of creation, Lamyne Mohamed. straightened and raised eight female figures whose names today are forgotten by many. But he was not content to make their lives: he actually combatants, amazons carriers of strong political messages. interbreeding of wealth imperative of ecology, critical political and financial collusion, simply look well to capture the polysemous scope of these slender dresses arisen in the quiet of the sanctuary, ghostly apparitions and yet sumptuous.

Dreses that tells stories: The designs are a mixture of wax and dazin and a touch of all African fabrics like those of Togo and Nigeria. It would be possible to multiply examples as Cameroonian dresses tells stories. It will be understood that, Lamyne ushered in the basilica of Saint-Denis plural world, usually is content to walk the edge. "I wanted to play with the fabric of society that lives around the basilica but not enter under the pretext that it is another culture, another religion.

We must break the ice, arouse curiosity, allow people to take ownership of the monument, and therefore the history of France. When we decided to settle in a country, maybe we to marry culture, or at least understand it. We tend too often to self-exclude. "

Itself points out emphatically: Muslim tradition, he was able to accept his project in a sacred place of Catholicism, moreover bound to this French monarchy whose people vigorously beheaded ... "The base of the project is living together, he insists. Although Saint-Denis maysound mixed with the naked eye, it is not a reality. Cameroonians remain with Cameroonians, Senegalese with the Senegalese, it remains many invisible borders. "Entering the basilica, this time at least, is help to break down.

The exhibition of the "giant royal dresses" of Lamyne M., to the basilica of Saint-Denis is extended until June 10, the exhibition will migrate to Châteaudun from 17 June to 15 October and to the fortress of Chinon from 15 October to 10 December.

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