Monday, 18 April 2016

MOnAT Fashion: Five Reasons Why You Need To Rock A Mother Clothing

We all know one of the most celebrated Cameroonian artist of our time, Stanley Enow. He's not only a music artist but he is a good entrepreneur who knows how to manage time for business and for his arts as well. I guess he never knew Motherland label will be an empire on his own. If you love Stanley as much as we do then you got to love his clothing line as well.

His designs are all ready to wear T-shirts but with so much quality which you can ROCK! Because of the love we have for  motherland clothing, see five reason why you need to get yourself one of their designs. Oops did we also tell you Stanley Rocks his brand any day any time??? Motherland newest collection 1939 is available everywhere in Cameroon or you can easily get yours at

1- MOTHERLAND is Cameroon's most loved and succesful trendy Clothing Line created by STANLEY ENOW The voice of the youths. Naturally people follow their leaders and their trends.

 2- MOTHERLAND is  affordable and Unisex. Anyone can Rock motherland clothing irrespective of sex and yes you too can buy one,its that cheap!
 3- MOTHERLAND is all about Africa. The logo speaks for itself. It's all about celebrating our MOTHER's and the women without whom there will be no world.

 4- MOTHERLAND is not just trendy but futuristic. Many brands have come and gone but MOTHERLAND stands the test of time all the time.

5) MOTHERLAND gives you a unique feeling of confidence which is all you need to achieve all your dreams and to standout in crowd!

PLACE an order online for home delivery @ or get it @ Cafe de France in Douala, Akwa. It can also be seen in Bamenda at Amah Fashion house.
Be different, Be Smart, Be unique!

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  1. Am a hard die fan of Stanley Enow. He has understood the showbiz milieu unlike the other camer artist who don't use their brains. Big up boss