Monday, 4 April 2016

Music Monday: "Me N My Men Dem" by Fab Kalonel

 Cameroonian up and coming artist Sentieh Aloysius aka Fab Kalonel is a young talented Cameroonian male artist born in the early 90's, who from the North West region of Cameroon and passionate about music. He is very dynamic as he blends many different genres of music into his main brand. His debut single titled "Me n Ma Men Dem", looks at the past, present and into the future struggles, successes and failures he and his day-one friends and brothers have been through, thanking God for everything. He has so much to offer in the music scene and this is just the tip of the ice bug.

The song Me N My Men Dem is a mélange of hiphop and bikutsi and it's that type of song one doesn't need to listen twice before getting into the vibe and groove of the song. As melodic and as original as it sounds, it represents Cameroon in its entirety. No need talking much, it embodies all aspects of entertainment which are: it's educational, it cautions and it is pleasurable and of it's danceable as well....
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