Saturday, 30 April 2016

Photos: The Beautiful Independence Square Yaoundé

It's funny that I live in Yaoundé but I've never known of the newly designed sculptures around the hotel de ville area in Yaoundé. The first time I ever saw these photos online I was wondering where this cool place filled with nature could be found.
It was an idle Friday for me at home, nothing to bake and my whole mind was just so empty  even to start a post on the blog. O there, I went walking around calafatas, then I saw these beautiful statures faroff, for a minute I thought this use to be a garden! As I walk further I saw how this garden has been transformed to a real cozy area. I was filled with so much anxiety as my adrenaline reached its climax, all I wanted were pictures, pictures and pictures!

This place is the independence square, the ground on which our late president Ahmadou Ahidjo declared Cameroon's independence on January first 1960.... Yes independence square! Its the newest attractive zone in town and  don't forget to visit this historic site when you're in Yaoundé.

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  1. Wowwww, MO is this Yaoundé? For real? OMG!!!!!! Where is this place? The pictures are so beautiful and you look amazinggggg