Tuesday, 26 April 2016

The Fiafa 2016 Moment | Yves Tchinda Presents His "Passion" Collection

The women's wear designer Yves Tchinda showcased his newest collection to the fashion lovers at the glamorous fashion event Faifa last Saturday. I always look forward to new designers during fashion shows. This designer here never disappoint, his pieces are meant for all women despite your size.

Yve's called his new collection "Passion" because of its colour which shows love and the tender nature of women.

The passion collection is a mélange of sirouette which shows the glam side personality of a woman and also uses pigale and lace fabric associated with pearl to come out with this great collection.

Tell us what you think about these designs, you add some of these to your look book. We'll love to read from you, be social!
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  1. Designers in Cameroon are not doing bad at all. Am loving his pieces, great