Wednesday, 27 April 2016

WCW | Mbango Adambi

Let's be honest it's time to crush on this damsel....

It's Wednesday, time to legally and openly crush on any sexy, beautiful, influential and powerful woman of your choice with no judgements.

Our woman crush this Wednesday is the delectable, beautiful and hard working Mbango Adambi. She is an actress, producer and script writer.
Mbango is a beauty! I mean everyone knows !  so what more do we admire about her?

She is a mélange of beauty, intelligence and elegance. The 29 years old Cameroonian actress made headlines when she produced and acted in the movie "Ndolo and the senator" which is a must-watch by the way!

A true fashionista who always likes to keep her make-up cool and simple. What is there not to crush about this beautiful lady?

 She's an  and strong Cameroonian woman who loves to portray her love for her motherland.

If you haven't watched her last movie; ndolo and the senator,hurry up and get a copy cuz it's worth it! And oh, the premiere is coming to a city near you...we'll keep y'all posted as usual.

So you can't wait to read more? Or maybe you're feeling just a little entertained? 
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