Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Cameroonian Beauty Duo- BrightenMi Cosmetics Ladies- Tell It All

                   Lenore and Lily.                   

Born out of the struggle to get rid of acnes and blemishes, the number one luxurious cosmetic brand BrigthenMi Cosmetics was founded by two sister friend Lenore and Lily, the brand offers you a chance to get rid of those bad skin colouration and dreadful acne.

BrigthenMi cosmetics brand is owned by Cameroonian beauties Lenore and Lily. With so much controversy surrounding this new skin care line which was launched online in March, a lot of people has labeled it a bleaching product and while some has affiliated it to whitenicious which is also owned by the Cameroonian popstar Dencia.

To clear all the doubting Thomases;  Glow MonAT took out time to chitchat with these Cameroonian beauty entrepreneurs and they told us all what we needed to know about this new luxurious cosmetic brand. They also introduced to us their first BrightenMi Cosmetics Eastern Africa ambassador Huddah.

Read the interview below....

Glow Monat: Hi ladies, please can you introduce yourselves to our readers? 
BrigthenMi Cosmetics: Hello, I'm Liliane, but known by most as Lily, fashion and lifestyle blogger for BefabNstaychic, and co-founder of BrightenMi Cosmetics. 

Hello and thanks for contacting us. I'm Eleanor known by most DivaLenore. Ceo and Founder of DivaLenore Hair. My Bff BefabNstaychic and I co-founded BrightenMi Cosmetics.

GM: How did you both meet and how long  have you  known each  other?   

BMC: We met in school about 17 years ago, in our early teens. 

GM: What will you say you like about each other?
Lenore: What i love about about Lily is her generosity and unquestionable loyalty when it comes to friendship.I think she's an empath just like me.

Lily: What I like about Lenore is her zest for life, her empathetic and trustworthy nature.

GM: Why did you ladies decide to work together ?

BMC: We chose to work together first because we had a skin problem in common; acne. The real issue that led to the development of BrightenMi. Additionally, we share the same core values about trust and fairness, all of which made it easy to do business together.

GM: What made you ladies venture into cosmetics business?

BMC: As previously mentioned, our acne struggles led to the development of BrightenMi, and while we researched ways to effectively eliminate this skin problem, we discovered that a lot of people were also struggling with blemishes and dark spots due acne. So we decided to expand our line by including skin brighteners to target these problems, as well as discoloration caused by sun burn, hyperpigmentation and melasma.

GM:  According to social media and some blogs, they said you ladies are Dencia's besties? Will you confirm this to be true?
Lenore: Nope.That's not true.I happened to have met Dencia on a few occasions years ago and that's it.But the last thing I heard was, she moved to California.So no, that information is not accurate.

Lily: I've read about her on blogs, but have never met her.

GM: Is BrightenMi Cosmetics, a bleaching cream just like others?

BMC: Actually BrightenMi is not a cream. BrightenMi is a Cosmetic Line offering just skincare products for now. We also plan on introducing makeup and lots of other interesting things in the very near future.

GM: What made BrightenMi different from other cosmetic products?

BMC: BrightenMi Cosmetics is a cosmetic line with products that consist of acne fighting creams, brightening and non-brightening body milks, as well as scrubs and cleansers. Unlike other companies, we have an array of products for every customer, and the ingredients in them are Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved fruit-based acids such as arbutin and sepiwhite, all of which are safe for 'consumption'. We would like to reiterate that BrightenMi's mission is to restore the skin to its beautiful state by eliminating acne and discoloration.

GM: What will you love to tell people about your products?

BrightenMi products are safe, effective and for all skin types.

GM: When is the official launch date for your brand, BrigthenMi? 

We officially launched online on March 14th, 2016 . A grand launch date will be coming up soon.

 GM: What are your hopes and vision for the business in the next 5 years?

BMC: We have secured two celebrity endorsements deals already, one of which is with Huddah Monroe for the East African region. In the next five years, we envision BrightenMi becoming a household name in the cosmetics industry, since we plan on adding more things to line such as make up and many other beauty related tools.

GM:  Your advice to young entrepreneurs?

BMC: Our advice to entrepreneurs would be to have a (realistic) plan and to actively work towards achieving it through repetition and consistency. 
For those of us who are bit nervous about acnes and blemishes body concerns, the answer is here with BrightenMi Cosmetics which is the answer to flawless and radiant skin. Let your skin glow and say good bye to Acnes!!!
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  1. A friend in the US told me about this new product. I guess its not going to be like Dencia's? But it looks somehow original and their skin tone looks good!

  2. Am proud of these young cameroonian ladies. Please people should not attribute their product to that dirty and cheap Dencia's bleaching product. From the images and their own skin you can tell it's quality. Am definitely going to try this.

  3. Don't forget those in Cameroon. How do we get to ur products?

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