Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Drama!!! The Other Child Of Late Patrick Ekeng

According to reports coming from "Fan club lions indomptables" facebook page a certain lady sent some information to them claiming that she and the late footballer has a son whose name is TALHYANN TIANA ASSANY OMAR" and he is  2years, 5 months old.

According to the lady she wants nothing but only to meet with the family of Patrick to show them his other child. She even provided a document showing the paternity of Patrick Ekend being the father of the little Omar.

   She clearly states that she does not want to create any problem but that she really wants people to know that the Cameroonian footballer has a son and especially the family of his father.
When she was asked why she opened up after his death? The young lady said she respected the marital life of Patrick and especially the wife so she never wanted to create any trouble amongs them, and now that he's dead she has to come out if not the truth will never be known. The young lady just pleaded with admin of the said Facebook page to help her with the contact of the parents of the late Patrick Ekeng so that she can contact the and them their grand son.

For security purpose the identity of the lady was kept secret. But she really needs help concerning her son as she is really in tears. She's longing to meet with the parents of the late Patrick Ekeng to show them his son!!!
All we can say is hmmmmm
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1 comment:

  1. I smell trouble. For 2 yr 5 months , plus the nine months u carried that kid, there was no need to let his paternal family know he exists. Now you want them to know...what do you stand to gain from that? There are many ways to get in contact with the said family and u say u don't want any trouble and u wanted to protect his marriage? Young girl u can't be serious. Facebook can't protect nothing. Let his poor wife mourn in peace. I rest my case.