Monday, 9 May 2016

MOnAT Fashion Presents I Wear Toghu vol:2

Hi Glowers, it's time for another lovely edition of #IWearTOGHU Vol2. 

Toghu is a traditional attire in Cameroon (an ancient fabric) which is usually worn by royalties in the West and Northwest regions of Cameroon. Cameroonians can easily be identified in the world when they rock the colourful toghu fabric! It's a dress with colourful embroidery. Let's wear and trend toghu... 
How to submit: if you're on Instagram or Facebook, use the hash tag #IWearTOGHU on your photo of you wearing toghu for a possible feature in our next edition or email the photo to

Happy Cameroonian couple.
Miracle Edison
Linda Gueyap
Naomi Achu

Cameroonians rocking toghu
Josephine Atanga
Beautiful family in toghu
Kids in toghu

Beautiful lady rocking toghu
Mabel Chah

Christina Momoh

Aunty Tecla
Kawah Jinwi

Musi Waa in a toghu designed male shirt.

                 Beautiful little girls rocking toghu

Aya Leanette @ayacollections

Aunty Mabs in a toghu detailed dress.

Marie-lynne and son BJ rocking a toghu designed T-shirt by Africstyle.
Camcatholic members spotted in toghu

Tancho Zinky
So you loved the pictures as much as we do? Then Let's trend toghu, do not forget to tag us in your photos. Thanks for stopping by.#IWearTOGHU
               Team MOnAT xoxo...


  1. Toghu is now trending. Thanks for selling us out there. I'll rock mine and send to you!

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