Saturday, 21 May 2016

MOnAT Partners With "The Guardian" NGO To Launch #237bloggers4change (#luvthyneighbour237) Campaign

Hi #glowers!

Hope your weekend is going well! We come bearing great news as we have partnered with a great organization to help our fellow country people in need!

Early this month, we announced our partnership with an NGO called 'The Guardian' which is located in Limbe.

The Guardian is an organization that works to provide help to the sick, underprivileged, orphans, and those in need, either by providing volunteer services or by donations.

The Guardian was also recently granted a project to educate the youth on alcohol and drug use as part of the 'youth empowerment initiative'. To learn more about this NGO with a great initiative, please visit their pages by following the links provided bellow;

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Partnering with this NGO is the first step towards our mission as #237bloggers4change!

Orock Ekale Eyong CEO/Founder


Our beautiful nation has come a long way, and as a people of peace and love, we realize it's a good thing to lend a helping hand to those who need it. As such, we decided to launch a campaign that is not only for a limited time, and that will include us all in lending that very much needed helping hand.

The #237bloggers4change campaign has as mission to unite Cameroonian bloggers, who are an important source of information and entertainment, to mobilize a generation of Cameroonians who have in their hearts to reach out and give back.

While we realize we cannot force anyone to do what they do not want to do, like volunteer their time or make donations, this campaign is to encourage those who want to help, and provide information on how to go about it.

How To Get Involved;

As A Blogger:

Bloggers are encouraged to join this campaign by posting photos of either themselves, a Cameroonian celebrity, or anyone else they know helping out at a charity event or doing some type of volunteer work. It could also be in the form of a blog post.

The photos must not only be taken in Cameroon. Photos of anyone helping out wherever they are can serve as an encouragement to people too. (Some of our bloggers do not reside in Cameroon)

The rationale behind this is to lead by example. Most people will be encouraged if they see others leading by example.

Photos posted, and blog posts shared should please include the hashtag #237bloggers4change or #luvthyneighbour237

There is no requirement to post these photos every day. Photos can be posted anytime using the hashtag #237bloggers4change or #luvthyneighbour237.

Photos of Cameroonian charity events, or any charity events hosted to raise funds to help the underprivileged, either by the blogger or others can also be posted including the above mentioned hashtags.

In addition to these, bloggers can also get information from different organizations that provide charity services about their volunteer hours, and the services they need, as well as how to make a donation of clothes and toy drive, especially for major holidays like Christmas and many more.

It will be great to click on the hashtags and see how many of our country people are out there taking the lead to a better tomorrow for our nation and future generations!

Not a blogger? No problem!

You can still participate by using the second hashtag #luvthyneighbour237 .

Just follow everything mentioned above for the blogger and you can choose to use both hashtags or just the second one (#luvthyneighbour237)

An NGO? Yes please!

Provide information about your volunteer services, hours, and how to donate by contacting us using

Everybody is encouraged to join this campaign!
We all have 2 choices; make moves or make excuses! Which do you choose?

Let's go out and make a difference! Volunteer, donate, even your clothes, shoes or something you do not need anymore.

Come on guys...let's trend this and take this #helping thing to a whole new level, especially in our beautiful country, Cameroon!

Please email us at if you need more information about the #237bloggers4change and #luvthyneighbour237 campaign.

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  1. "We all have 2 choices; make moves or make excuses! Which do you choose?" That is the ultimate question. This is a laudable initiative @glowbymonat. It is impressive the strides you make and I believe that we can make this a mutual effort. Thank you for making blogging in Cameroon what it is supposed to be-a passion driven for positive change.

    1. Thanks @Kamgahasablog let's do this...yes we can!