Friday, 6 May 2016

OMG!!! A Guy Hilariously Recreates Celebrity Fashion Moments With Household Junks

João Paulo (@Johndrops) is not a  new name when it comes to recreating the looks of celebs be it on the red carpet or on their every day looks. Truth is this guy recreates these looks with ordinary household items and the results are everything.Some people says he's so mean, but when I opened his instagram handle, O my God!!! I couldn't stop laughing. See some few photos of stars he recreated. 
Seriously, how does he do this? The posture, facial expression are hilarious... He has recreated the looks of sone stars like rihanna, lady Gaga, Naomie Campbell and a lot more. See some new photos below.

O poor Solange knowles, this is so mean João.
This guy ain't afraid of no one even lady Gaga woww...

O my where thou art is Joan Rivers for crying out loud! 😂😂😂
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