Thursday, 26 May 2016

Photos: The US Ambassador Micheal Hoza Celebrates Cameroonian Fashion

The Cameroonian fashion industry has been growing from Strength to strength, after years of hard work the break through we all have been waiting for is finally here.
With the US ambassador to Cameroon recognising the talent of the Cameroonian youths is one big step ahead for the fashion industry in Cameroon.

Last Tuesday the 24th of May the ambassador hosted a huge number of talented Cameroonian youths who are passionate about arts at his residence in bastos to celebrate the cultural diversity of our beautiful country Cameroon. Many youths were so happy they got to meet the ambassador and talk how the fashion industry as a whole could reduce unemployment and also how it could be a source of income to the government.

Ambassador Michael S. Hoza, is honored to be co-sponsor, with Senator Aicha Pierrette to the seventh annual fashion week. Among the distinguished guests were Ambassadors, High Commissioners and members of the Diplomatic Corps from the United Kingdom, Canada, Congo, Turkey, Russian Federation and Germany.  Cameroonian art icon, Max Lyonga and Cameroonian soccer legends Jacques Songo’o, the former goal keeper and Rigobert Song Bahanag, former Captain, of the Indomitable Lions were also in attendance. It was a night full of glitz and cultural enrichment.

In his welcoming remarks, Ambassador Hoza said: “Throughout my travels in Cameroon, I have met young people who have these dreams. Who are ready to start a venture of their own -- to contribute to the economic development of Cameroon and shape its destiny.  That’s the essence of entrepreneurship…  So, to the designers, artists and innovators here today:  This is your week! I hope you will be inspired, as I am, by the extraordinary talent, here in Cameroon, and the endless possibilities that they represent in moving your country’s vision forward.”

Are you a fashion designer or artist in Cameroon? Share your designs and art at the US embassy Yaoundé Facebook page HERE
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