Friday, 6 May 2016

Reasons To Look Forward To The Buea Fashion & Style Week 2016

So you can't wait for Buea fashion and style week next week? I guess we're at the same degree of excitement, well with so many great designers set to showcase and top attendees making the event one not to be missed. In fact there are so many reasons to get grabbing your tickets if you haven't done so already. There's absolutely no reason why you want to miss this maiden edition. Below are just some of the reason why you really don't want to miss this great fashion show in the heart of the fashion avenue, Buea.

The chance to predict the future of fashion.

    The first ever Buea fashion week is a platform where up and coming designers will be showcased, grab your front seat, take photos and see how the fashion industry will grow after this maiden edition of the fashion show.

The chance to reminisce on the past.
      The simple act of looking ahead is also a great way of reminiscing on the past of your fave fashion designers, a chance to see the leaps and bounds following their future collections and to spot which signature or statement will continue in 2016.

Get your look book ready.
Die hard fashion fans and industry insiders will know this is the part of the fun of fashion week- and whether or not you're into fashion design, do a little bit of research on your fave designer and see if you don't enjoy playing the 'spot the difference' during their showcases. Get a handy book and start a look book this season, get a VIP seat, its affordable and I k ow you'll enjoy it.

Growth of the fashion industry in Camer.
      With different designers germinating and bearing good fruits each year in Cameroon, the Buea fashion week will be a great way for the fashion industry in Cameroon to be put on the spotlight and for upcoming designers and models to be taken to another whole level.

The networking
     Because the event boast plenty of it, it is one of the best place to be next week and if you're trying to grow your network, time to meet fashion bloggers, magazine and press is here. So go get those business cards printed...

The style spotting.
 As well as being the place, to get your name out there, rub shoulders with those in the fashion and entertainment industry, mingle with the stars and network with the professionals, this is the place to become inspired or indeed show off your own wardrobe and sense of style. bloggers, models and more will congregate to the buea shopping mall for the next four days at the Buea fashion week, so be ready to come along with your style signatures or bring a camera to capture the best dressing moments at the show.

It's the place to be
 Lastly, where else do you want to be, when everyone will be moving to Buea for the next four days just to witness this game changing event? Please your one stop for next weekend should be the Buea fashion week. Get ready, put your fashion hats on, pick the most stylish dresses you have and get those eye catchy shoes on and be present at the Buea fashion week. Don't let anyone tell you what went down, go see it for yourself.

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