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GM Beauty: Meet Fanny Biangue The MUA Extraordinaire

Hi lovelies hope you all started the month of June finely by grace. Yeah I know great things awaits us all this month. Great work are easily noticed right? Please meet fanny the talented MUA with a kind heart, she is a Cameroonian based in Germany. Her photos and works speak for themsves. She is the founder and creative director of  face beat boulevard which is the corner where she shares all her latest works with her fans.

Her makeups are stunning and flawless, she brings out the real beauty in you effortlessly. So we had a little chitchat with this mummy and makeup artist extraordinaire with a special touch and she had this to share with you our Makeup lovers enjoyyyyy....

 GlowMOnAT: pls introduce yourself to our readers?
Fanny Biangue: My name is Fanny Biangue. I am Cameroonian and based in Germany. I currently change diapers, cook and run my home daily when I am not creating makeup looks on my dressing table. Before that, I studied Biology and spent endless hours in a research laboratory until I obtained my Master´s degree.  Those who know me well would tell you I work hard, and play less. So if I was Jack, then I am definitely a dull boy. Lol.

GM:what inspired you to become a makeup artist?
FB: If I had an interest in makeup growing up, I’m not sure I was aware of it. You would always find me plunged in books, novels, studying for exams or gisting with friends. However, I was mindful of how I looked. It really never occurred to me that makeup played a major role in a woman´s appearance until years later when I started applying for jobs. LOL. The struggle was real. You need to look good in your application picture to give a good impression.
When I came to Germany reality stroke when I walked into drugstores and couldn't find foundations shades for dark skin. I was desperate and had to order most makeup items online from the USA and UK. I also remember spending quite a sum to have my makeup done by a German MUA and I was not happy with the result.  I looked exactly the way I looked when I stepped into his studio. Because they are taught mostly to work on white rather than dark skins, most German makeup artists do not understand the dynamics of the darker skin tones.
These and the love or the art urged me to start learning to do my own makeup and get better at it. I followed the works of famous makeup artists like Bimpe Onakayo  and Joy Adenuga  and watched a lot of vlogs on YouTube . With time, makeup slowly became my passion.

GM: When did you start doing makeup professionally?
FB: Friends and family started making positive remarks on the way I did my makeup. They encouraged me to turn this into a profession. I am grateful to them for believing in me more than I did in myself.  For a long time, I was hesitant.  But thank God for these people because they kept encouraging me until I overcame the fear and went for it at the beginning of this year.
Face Beat Boulevard was born. The idea behind Face Beat Boulevard is like opening a portfolio and imagining yourself walking through a street with portraits of makeup looks hanging on its wall. It is like going eye-shopping and admiring the clothes displayed on the shop windows. Lol. Taste is relative. So some people will like some makeup looks more than others. I see that all the time with my clients.

GM:  What are your interests?
FB: Honestly, if you don´t see me spending my money and time on makeup items and learning how to improve my techniques, you will find me reading novels. I looooove African drama and my bookshelf is full of it. Probably because I miss home a lot and these books always take me back to Cameroon with their captivating stories.  I am also drawn to fashion. I mean who loves makeup without liking fashion. Lol. They go hand in hand.
GM: What makes you different from other makeup artists?
FB:Well, I am self-taught and a freshman in this business. I still have so much to learn, and so I strive every day for perfection in everything I do in this field. I believe Makeup artistry is a skill to be improved on and therefore we need to work with and practice on tons of different people with various face shapes, eye shapes, skin colors, eye colors, and ages . I take it one step at a time.

GM: What are some of the makeup things you always have you in your purse?
FB: Foundation powder, blush, lipstick, mascara, eyeliner and a smile. Lol.
GM: please tell us about some makeup do's and don'ts?
FB: Don'ts:
1. Never sleep with makeup on
2. Do not use foundation as eyeshadow base
3. If you are a woman of colour and want your nude lip to be flattering, ALWAYS contour your lip with a lip liner which matches your skin shade.
4. Be watchful of how you apply your blush. Blushes are already quite pigmented and too much of it may have you look like a Geisha! No pun intended. A subtle application is enough. Blushes are just meant to give warmth and colour to your cheeks and face as a whole.
5. Do not rub foundation onto your face. If you are oily, and have acne or pimples on your face, it will only make them more obvious. Always pat your foundation onto you face.

1. Always clean and moisturize your face before applying foundation.
2. Do apply a foundation primer that matches your skin type before applying your foundation. Primers prevent the foundation from moving, make it last longer and control oil production on your face.
3. Match your foundation before purchase. You want to make sure you pick a foundation that suites your skin type and skin shade. Also make sure you are not allergic to any product present in your foundation.
4. Wash your brushes and sponges regularly. Clean brushes = good makeup.
5. Wash your face at the end of the day. Dont just end at makeup removers. Wash your face again thouroughly after removing your makeup and moisturize. It helps to keep your pores clean. So hope this helps😉
GM: Thanks for the opportunity dearie..
FB:I should be the one thanking you for the opportunity and exposure

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