Saturday, 18 June 2016

GM Fashion Presents #IWearTOGHU Vol4:

Hi Glowers, it's time for another lovely edition of#IWearTOGHU Vol4, and its also the style edition. 
Toghu is a traditional attire in Cameroon (an ancient fabric) which is usually worn by royalties in the West and Northwest regions of Cameroon. Cameroonians can easily be identified in the world when they rock the colourful toghu fabric! It's an outfit with colourful embroidery.
So, let's wear and trend toghu!!!

How to submit: if you're on Instagram or Facebook, use the hash tag #IWearTOGHU on your photo of you wearing toghu for a possible feature in our next edition or email the photo to

Enjoy and don't forget to send us photos for the next edition of #IWearTOGHU Vol5!!!

                                 L&C design
        EB of EB Kreations rocking her own design

Beautiful lady rocking an akwada toghu

         Clients rocking EB Kreations

Beryl Marley

Kibonen Nfi
Mr Leo in a Toghu inspired jacket.

Cameroonian man rocking toghu
Amelie Francine

Zommi Vanessa

             Cameroonian men rocking toghu

                Betty and Lamar in EB Kreations
Lady rocking an EB Kreations Design
Celine Fotso
Kibonen NY
Cameroonian couple
Agnes Nde
                      The Kweni's couple

                       Yefon of @Irepcamer

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        Team MOnAT

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