Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Yay Or Nay? Ambe Poses Nude For New Album Cover | La Star


The Cameroonian music artist Ambe surprised us all on Tuesday when he unveiled his new album cover for "La Star" . The "les filles de mon pays singer" sure missed his teen image..(maybe reason why he bared all up for the camera!).

His fans immediately took to their social media pages to throw insults at him and many music lovers couldn't keep their calm by this nude theme album cover for an artist who is still trying to build his image in the Cameroonian music industry. Some take it he wants to mimic the king of makossa Petit Pays who also released a nude photo cover for his  Opus 1996's Classes F album which made the headlines where he posed with hands covering his crotch with innocence written all over his face.

O😱, may be he wants to be like the late Prince who also had a nude album cover for his 1988 album titled "LoveSexy" which was denied by many record house in America though it managed to end  nominations at the Grammy's.
 A lot is going through the minds of people as to what promoted the upcoming artist to take such a risk for his new album which will be released on the 30th of June 2016.

  Basically the nude album cover of Petit-Pays for his Class F album sold over fifty thousands copies in a week which is a record,  just after the album was released in Cameroon.
This cover made Petit-Pays a music icon all over Africa. People knew him everywhere in Africa and hence became known as "Turbo D'Afrique".
Hope the nude cover of Ambe Makes him popular and maybe he'll become the most talked about artist which am sure by now he is already lol😉

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