Friday, 15 July 2016

Couple Alert: French Player Paul Pogba Spotted With Dencia In LA

Is this a couple alert? Or some kind of publicity stunt for the celebs? On Wednesday evening the soccer celebrity Pogba was spotted with the Cameroonian entrepreneur and famous skin bleacher Dencia.

The couple were heading out to 10AK night club in LA and they were both enjoying a piece of life in Tinsel town. Dencia stepped out in a khaki body-hugging jumpsuit and a pair of  strappy  black heels to the mix which brings out her slender curves. But it was her blonde hair which stole the show during their outing. Her Lilac Catsuit, which featured racy sheer panelled details on the neckline.

I guess these two could make a very cute couple lol...
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 Team MOnAT


  1. They dont look like a couple to me
    No connection hand holding or chemistry

  2. Hahaha Dencia again. Pls you're far way older than pogba. Get a life dencia

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