Monday, 25 July 2016

Girl Boss | Mallah Tabot The Founder Of United Vision

Hi Glowers hope you all had a great weekend? Well us at Glow had a great weekend too.  We're starting a Girl Boss segment to celebrate Camer's young, ambitious, vibrant, confident and talented girls that are doing great at their businesses be it tech, fashion, agriculture, decor, food, movie, makeup or music industry. We'll be doing more of it on the blog to celebrate  the young and vibrant women inspiring others in their communities.

  Well our first Girl Boss to start this, is a beautiful lady with brains. A journalist by training but a life changer by profession and a former Queen's young leader. Meet Mallah the founder and CEO of united vision, the creator of the app ndolo360, a game changer, a sister and a motivational speaker.

 Mallah started her organisation United Vision in order for her to address the gaps in gender equality that we experience today not just for women but young girls, teenagers and adolescents not only in Cameroon but in the whole of Africa, Most especially young people are completely ignorant about the reproductive health and rights and have no access to services that could benefit them. She wanted to fill this gap by giving every young person in this country the power to own their own bodies. The rate of teenage pregnancy is alarming and even more disposable is the fact that most young people who engage in sex do it with zero knowledge of the consequences. We need to change that, and that's what her organisation United Vision is doing.

Her organisation is launching out a pilot program called "My Body My Rights" to encourage young people to talk to their fellow peers about safe sex, HIV/AIDS, life skills and communication. With their goal being to create a culture of openness around these issues and get young people themselves involved in their own life decisions.

Ndolo360 was born out of the desire to provide open, honest and judgement-free sexuality education to young people who need them the most. I noticed that young people are extremely thirsty for vital and correct information about their reproductive health but have no idea where to find it. Your mother won't say a word about sexuality to you and your teacher will ask you to pray about sexual desires. But we don't give them the real information they need, meanwhile they're stuck on their smart phones usually getting all the wrong information from there. Giving them the right education these same smart phones sounded like the perfect solution. Now, Ndolo360 is available on Google play and provides all the information every young person needs to know on how to make the right decisions about their own bodies.

Apart from being a boss lady and always on the move, here are some things you didn't know about this Girl Boss Mallah, out of her working and serious schedule. She shared with us some few things people didn't know about her...
*I don't use pillows when sleeping. Funny enough my house is full of them 😂😂

*I hate traveling. But I'm always traveling 😄

*I can twist my tongue in a really strange way. It actually folds into two lol...

*I have 9 siblings. You'll never know.

*I was born, breed and raised in Buea.

*My brothers can actually die for me :). It's crazy. I'm their biggest crush lol😉
You can download the ndolo360 app by clicking the link HERE
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  1. I think this segment should be made often on the site. We have a bundle of talented girls in Camer and I think you girls can bring them to the limelight. Thanks for sharing her story glow...

  2. Girl boss. Mallah is so talented and she's a visionary. Thanks for sharing glowers