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GM Interview| I Love Music, I Love Every Part Of Making It And Selling It -Adah Akenji

Adah Akenji aka Mr Swag is not a new name to the Cameroonian music scene. The multi talented artist who hails from the North West region of Cameroon  is a self made music video director who has gained the credits of many Camer musician and lovers of pure arts for his great works as a video director. For a moment we all forgot that this talented young Cameroonian was once a musician. GM took out time to interview him, as he talk about, his new single dropping soon, life as an artist and as a music video director. Adah is one man we need to watch out for!
Enjoy the interview below...

Glow MOnAT:  Hello Adah, please introduce yourself to our readers?
Adah: Hello. I am Adah Akenji. Music producer, video director and artist. I am Cameroonian and reside in Cameroon.

GM: Why choose music and not something else?                
Adah: I love music. I enjoy every part of making and selling it. Plus it helps me contribute to society positively.

GM: From what we know you use to be an artist then you went into video directing? Why the change?
Adah: I needed to learn more about the visual side of the music business, and could not do so whilst releasing music. So I made the hard choice of halting one for the other; and must say it paid of. Hahaha.

GM: Some weeks ago you said another single is in progress? What are we expecting from you this time?
Adah: My next release will be totally different from the previous song.  This time I decided to bring back good memories from our own genre. I love the song and hope everyone will too.

GM: Tell us what you love most about these jobs?
Adah: I love the fact that I get to influence how people listen, see and feel Cameroonian music. The manner in which I present my works have for intent the input of positive thinking in the minds of my audience.

GM: Five things people don't know about you.
 *I am funny. Hahaha.
* I don't like fufu corn
* I keep away from negative people
* I am in love with Cameroon
* I actually have a woman I love and respect greatly. She's my strength. I love you baby.
, * I do not support gay behavior. I think homosexuals are not far from bestial behavior.

GM: You are a pro in this business, from a recording artist to a director, what will you say about  the music industry in         Cameroon is right now?
Adah: First off, there's not yet a music industry in Cameroon. Pretending there is will be a fallacious lie. However I believe we on a good read toward attaining that status of an organized business. We are gradually grasping the mental awareness that we are in need of a structured form, to make it big in the worldwide music business.

GM: Will you say the anglophones are taking over the music scene in Camer? And why?
 Adah:  I think the anglophones have always been on top of music in Cameroon. What's happening now is only a taste of what's coming.

GM: Tell us 5mistakes you think Cameroonian artist make and why you think they don't succeed.
* Most urban music artist fail to plan on their release pattern before launching out. When a certain fame hits them,  they don't know how to move on.
* After releasing a hit track,  DO NOT release your next song that sounds like the first. The public will only see this as lack of creativity and/or absence of inspiration to entertain them.
* Don't play 'star' with ANYONE in entertainment in Cameroon. They'll eventually bring you down.
* Never think you are the best. Someone will always be better than you.
* There's no crown to fight  for; so stop claiming titles you cannot defend.

GM: About the beefing part in the entertainment industry, what will you say causes so much hatred about artist in particular?
Adah: I reserve my comments.

GM: between these two artistic job, which one will you say gives you more joy and fulfillment?
Adah: I love both producing music and music videos. They complement each other.

GM:  Is our Mr SWAG off the market?
Adah: Mr Swag is back. Hahaha. This time better and more handsome. Lol

GM:what kind of lady will you say you love?
Adah: I love a lady who is true to herself and to others, and who respects her man.

GM: Your fave music artist in Camer, and name at least two you'll love to do a Collabo with?
Adah: Salatiel is my favorite artist. I think melody and creative wise,  he is the only person who is more talented than the rest of us.
I'd love to work with Coco Argenté and Mr Leo. They're just awesome.

GM: Female artists hardly stay on the top what will you say keeps them down?
Adah: Female artist in Cameroon have family building pressure, age pressure, and are just too emotional to seriously take to music. We have a lot of talented ladies, but most are not willing to work as hard as the guy's are.

Time for a puzzle
GM: Your best Jovi song will be....
Adah: My best Jovi song is 'Don 4 Kwat'. Totally epic.  I love it. Shout out to Jovi.
GM: One naija artist that moves you, will be....
Adah: My favorite naija artist is Flavour. He is a true artist.
GM: Director or an artist?....
Adah: Director
GM: Singing or acting...
Adah: Acting

GM: Best female vocalist in the Camer industry will be...
Adah: Coco Argentée

GM: I'd rather be a .....than a model
Adah: I'll rather be a GOOD MODEL😁

GM: How often do you visit Glow MOnAT?
Adah: I visit when I can😉

GM: Thanks for giving us the opportunity Adah...
Adah: Thanks for having me. Thank you for promoting Cameroonian music. Have a blessed time.
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