Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Makeup Artist Of The Week -The Experienza Sisters

Hello Glowers, its another lovely edition of the makeup artist of the week. They say real talent do not  hide and I must say that's true. MakeUp artist have been on the rise in Camer, and one of those luxe makeup brand are the Memoh  sisters; Nina and Nora Memoh, just to crwon it all they are twin sisters with so much class and talent!
 These twinnings are the CEO and founders of the makeup brand EXPERIENZA. Experienza Its a Spanish word for EXPERIENCE!!

 The reason why they bond together and they make great business sisters its becasue of their uniqueness and signature makeup! These two sisters who initially had passion for makeup while in school, took their passion to a money making business.

They started their makeup journey by doing a makeup and spa studies in Ghana (FC BEAUTY COLLEGE)Where they both obtained a degree in Beauty and Spa therapy and Later moved to Nigeria where they did an upgraded course in MAKE-UP with ZARON and ZIGNAS where they earned  another certificate as Professional Make-Up Artist
We love the transformation about makeup as a whole and seeing people glowing thus transmitting confidence to many. When asked what makes them different; "Our special magical touch makes the difference" they said. The sisters are presently Spa Therapist,Beauty Consultants and Make-Up Artists.

They are mobile therapist and we deliver our services at the comforts of our clients homes.
Experienza-Giving you a life time Experience
Here are some makeup advantages and disadvantages from the EXPERIENZA sisters
-Make-up makes you presentable
-it boosts your confidence and beauty as a woman
-it helps to hide odd lines and spots on the face
-it tells people you care about yourself and appearance
-  it helps protect your face from sun burn
-  it's an art,  it makes you creative
It makes you look perfect in pictures

It's time consuming,cos it takes close to an hour to complete a smooth make-Up
-it blocks the pores from breathing  if it's not washed before bedtime
-its costly
-its not easy to remove because it has a technical  way of doing so
When it becomes a habit, most people think without it they ain't beautiful.
For your makeup booking please contact experienza @NoraAnun on Facebook.
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  1. Seeing their work on Facebook. Met them during Buea fashion week. With great work they are getting there

  2. I love them and believe so much in them. They honestly have got a professional touch. Well done girls

  3. These twinnies are getting higher

  4. Season why I love Glow MOnAT, they're always in the lookout for new talent. As you take people high that how your site will go higher. I need to see these ladies to checkout my skin. Great job experienza sisters.