Thursday, 28 July 2016

Shocking! Seven-Year-old Girl Dies In Moroccan Zoo After Elephant Throws Rock At Her Head

A seven-year-old school girl recently died at a zoo in Morocco after being struck on the head by a huge rock hurled at her by an elephant. The girl's dad had lifted her up on his shoulders outside the elephant enclosure so her mum could take a snap of the two of them with their back to the animals when she was struck. 

The female elephant, named Assia, picked up a large stone in its trunk, threw it into the air and it hit the little girl on the back of her head. She was knocked unconscious and later died in a nearby hospital after failing to overcome her injuries.
A mobile video taken by a standby shows what happened.

The girl can be seen lying on the ground, surrounded by her family as she is treated by staff. The video also shows the large stone responsible for her death lying on the ground outside the enclosure. 
Zoo spokesman offered his condolences to the girl's family but said there had been no security breaches and she had not crossed into a protective area outside the enclosure. He said, "Accidents of this type are rare, unforeseeable and unusual."

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