Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Bleaching Gone Wrong:Congolese Singer General Defao's Bleached Face Shocks Fans

After being silent for more than a decade, the legendary congolese lingala singer François Matumona popularly known as General Defao is unrecognisable in his new skin.
The 57 years old singer has resurfaced on the social media not because of his music but because of how funny he looked in his bleached visage. Last week the lingala maestro was seen at Egesa night club in Umoja Nairobi Kenya where he had a concert. His fans were astonished to see a whiter and face falling Defao whom they were not quite familiar with.
        General Defao back in the days

Sands King a renowned Kenyan dancer met with the singer during his concerts and took pictures which he later shared on social media. The pictures has stirred up a debating arguments on bleaching over the last two days. The singer was alSO held in Niyali Mombasa for unpaid rent of 178.049€ which is equivalent to 116792FCFA.
Sanda King and Le General Defao
Its no news that bleaching is common with congolese people. Me General Defao was one of the Congolese musicians who really valued the importance of TV appearance and video clips back in the days as he always said TV appearance makes an artist visible to his fans; and he always dresses well in unique and stylish outfit for particular impressions.

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