Monday, 8 August 2016

Charity | Samuel Eto'o Offers A Building Worth 500 million FCFA To The Laquintinie Hospital Douala

The Cameroonian iconic footballer Samuel Eto' has offered a building worth 500 million FCFA to the Laquintinie hospital Douala. The building which is dedicated to the intensive care and paediatrics emergency named after the legendary footballer, will soon be inaugurated. Located between the luxurious space(the Samuel Kondo pavilion) and the commissary of Laquintinie hospital Douala, the pavilion Samuel Eto'o is an imposing blue and white building  planted on hundreds of square metres.

According to the officials of the hospital, the gift of the iconic footballer will be inaugurated in September 2016. The building will house the intensive and paediatrics emergency unit.
The history of this project started with the former director general of the Laquintinie hospital Dr. Geremie Solle (December2005- April 2012) whose realisation of the paediatric emergency unit within the institution is committed in finding the cure for evil. The former director precised that when he was named the director general of the hospital his main objective and ambition was to make the hospital a centre of excellence. The emergency gynaecological problem was solved with the construction of the new maternity. He further explained that he even signed a contract with the Dutch to help solve this paediatric emergency and gynaecological problem which is a major issue in our hospitals.
The architectural plans for the future paediatric emergency unit was launched by Dr. Solle who was in search for financial funding in order for the project to be implemented. He later decided to contact the Samuel Eto'o foundation. In view of the project, the legendary footballer and philanthropist  agrees without hesitation to help fund the project. He proposes to fund the available state of the construction and equipping the building. Dr. Solle who is of the opinion that he does not want the project to be managed by the government officials, fearing that corruption and lax will get involved.  In this light, Samuel Eto'o organises a charity gala in Milan to raise money for the project. Dr. Solle also spoke to the friends of the great footballer about the project. After the fund raising was organised, 500 million FCFA was raised on spot during the charity gala. According to reports from Cameroun-info, for a few months the site witnessed some difficulties and they stopped work due to additional expenses. The minister of public health Mr Andre Mama Fouda solemly asked Eto'o to come complete his work, the Eto'o foundation will equip the building as well. And the keys will be handed to the hospital for monitoring and maintenance. Hope this goes well though.
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