Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Makeup Artist Of The Week | Lelio Achanga CEO Of Dazzle by Lelio

Hi GMers its a new week and its a another edition of makeup artist of the week series.
Meet  Lelio Achanga.

Lelio is a Makeup artist, Accountant and entrepreneur based in Buea Cameroon. The beautiful and talented MUA had always has love for makeup,but in 2014 the Buea based celebrity makeup artist who always had the hunger to bring what she sees on international platform to reality, decided to enroll in Taris world beauty school Lagos, Nigeria to learn and master the art of makeup professionally.

Lelio came into the spotlight in 2015 after her training in Lagos,she was ready to brand and come up as a professional makeup artist, she even decided to quit her job at an insurance company to focus on her first love which is makeup! When we asked Lelio what she enjoys most about being a MUA; "The fact that it Allows me to be Creative, and transform anyone into anything imaginable,fight my phobia for travelling (because  I am constantly on the road to offer my services) and most importantly the fact that I am privileged to make people look and feel beautiful" she said.

As a boss lady, Lelio shares with us her normal daily routine which begins with prayers and involves either having full work day with clients,checking emails and responding to enquires from prospective clients, reading /researching on a project she isworking on or just creating Makeup looks.

Lelio is one outstanding makeup artist and she thinks she is quite different because she is;
i)  A non conformist.
ii )She is not limited to one aspect of makeup Artistry  coz I take both the Gore and Glam routes.
iii) She do not impose looks on my clients. I  let my clients define what beauty Is to them and we create looks based on their definition.
iv) Her Brand name is *Dazzle By Lelio* lol
V) She is all about DELIVERING. Every work has to be New,Fresh and something that would always be Remembered.

Lelio's advice to upcoming makeup artist is that they should learn to develop a brand that is unique to you, work on improving your skills by doing a lot of practice and keeping abreast with new trends in the makeup world,learn everything you need to know about your craft, stay humble and let your work speak for itself. She can give you any look you want when it comes to movie makeup.

 She is one of the few Camer makeup artist who masters her arts so well. She does magic with her fingers and her makeup bushes as well, (something you need to try trust me 😉). She is not only talented and dynamic but she always adds a twist in her looks . This beauty with brain is definitely a makeup artist you need to check out.  You can hookup with her on,
Facebook @ Lelio Achanga
IG @lelioachanga
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  1. Thanks loads for the feature..GM rocks

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  3. Awww so proud of you my sis.This is a beautiful feature .