Monday, 29 August 2016

#MCM - Man Crush Monday: Divine Polyvalant

Hi Glowers its Monday and you know what it is...
This means we're crushing on the hottest boo around and while all my ladies sit back and enjoy the hottie taking us to paradise this Monday.

 Meet this elegant, handsome chocolate goodness, model, fashionista and model trainer Divine Akum better known as Divine Polyvalant.

Divine is a former Cameroonian top model based in Douala who started modelling in 2012, since then this beau has been gracing the runways both national and international rocking the designs of some A-list designers. Dressing stylish and looking good is more of a passion to him and the reason why he went into modelling and fashion. He is not only a fashion icon but he is also a trend setter.

You wanna know why he's our MCM?
- He's dedicated to his job
- He's a fashionista
- He's a model trainer
-He's got killer muscles and abs
- He's got a WINNING SMILE
- And yes he's looks are breath taking.

He's also one of the most underrated talents out there,  he doesn't need any gimmick around him since he already got the moves any model could ever have.

God bless this Divine's new ventures, his body and everything else that goes along with it. Although Cameroonian's doesn't appreciate him nearly enough, don't count him out. He's a trend setter when it comes to male fashion in Camer. Melanin brothers ROCK! You loved this feature? Send us a mail to if you want to feature on our #MCM

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IG @divine_polyvalant
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