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Meet The Campreneur, Awah NtsehThe CEO & Founder Of Farmer's Forte

Peter Drucker once said “The best way to predict the future is to create it”
Awah Tumbuh NTSEH, SHESAN, currently a student at the University of Buea, a native of Mankon, only 20 years of age started creating his future when he was only 18. If you are curious and excited as we are to know his story keep reading.

He is the CEO of Farmer’s Forte which deals in poultry farming. HULOP!! I know some of you all totally disregard anything in relation to agriculture but you are missing out on a goldmine and it is not a “poor man’s job” as per the stereotype we asked Awah and he told us.
Awah: “farmer's forte was my personal initiative which begun in November 2014.
Started it in a small scale of 20 chicks with no credible knowledge in poultry management in the place I call my office today. This knowledge however was gained with time learning from fellow poultry farmers (stepping stones) and as well our failures/losses. Basically no experience is wasted".

I know you all are wondering what will push a young man of this “android generation” to gravitate towards poultry farming instead of the tech-related jobs. I guess he predicted what President Biya was thinking, advising the youths to gravitate toward agriculture. At this point we are all dying to know “THAT DRIVING FORCE”
Awah: The driving force behind this project was the discomfort of total dependency and consequently a thirst for self-sufficiency to a considerable extent. Above all it was a quest to engage in a more practical and productive activity aside schooling. Engaging in farmer's forte also comprised agricultural education. As a business, it dealt with food, particularly chicken which is regular on the average family's table so farmer's forte was sure to have costumers”.
From supplying 20 chicks back in 2014, to supplying 2000. Talk about success!!! And the business is still at its baby stages. Way to go AWAH!!!

Talk about predicting his own future and expansion, Awah has a vision for Famer’s Forte that matures as the years go by. It has matured and engaged in other activities in the public works sector especially in the painting art sector. This sprung when he discovered the rare talent in the so called "unskilled workers" roaming the streets to earn a mere stipend. He recruited them and together he started providing them with bigger contracts through family and that's how their talent was brought to the limelight. Later on, he engaged in transport and logistics with a fellow veteran in the field who happened to be his driver at the time. They deal in inter-town transport contracts but are yet to go international.
Awah is definitely but strategically and slowly creating his future!! Master of his fate.

When asked about the stereotype that surrounds agriculture in Cameroon he had this to say “Our world as well as our country needs farmers and in a country plagued with unemployment and hunger to a lesser extent farming comes across as both an amiable route to survival as well as a profitable route for investment. With unemployment out of the way alongside famine/hunger every other thing will fall in place because our people will now think and work with a balanced state of mind.
Cameroon’s actually a better place than most of us believe it to be. Life's all about your perspective of things. Agriculture is something most people ignore and don't even want to hear a thing about. Agriculture has an image problem. Simply put, for the majority of Cameroon's youth, agriculture simply isn’t seen as being “cool” or attractive. Most think of it only as back-breaking labour, without an economic pay-off — and little room for career advancement which is quite wrong. Farmer's Forte's vision is to completely transform the agricultural outlook by youths and from then it'll pick up better interest and then rest assured everything else will get better from that point”.
 Now, tell me why I wouldn’t want to engage myself in some agricultural business. It’s so cool he even has a car to show for it.

“My advice to upcoming entrepreneurs is this. To be able to start up anything, you require a great deal of courage, courage against all odds. People often get patronized by public opinion believe me, you’ll make lots of money from doing the most awkward stuff. It’s the ultimate reward you get for believing in yourself”.
I know most of you can’t believe this is from a 20 year old. I am in awe of such wisdom and maturity that flows from this young man. I am inspired and I’m sure you are too!!! Contact farmer's forte at:
Facebook @farmersforte237
Snapchat @farmersforte20

Support a brother in his business by simply spreading the word or buying his chickens.
See you in the next few years to come, topping the Forbes list AWAH!!
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  1. Great.
    We can only appreciate such work

  2. These are the kind on youths we need in Cameroon not those going around gallivanting to have laptops from our foolish president. If only he could give out prices to the best start uppers, then the future of our country will be bright and ESS youths will be unemployed. Great job Awah

  3. I am most pleased to read this. Mr. Awah Tse is a young man I am most proud of. God's Speed, Son!

  4. nice peice ! hope it inspires others to "get dirty " and make money ,white collar days are gone .

  5. Congrats Awah,your work is truly inspiring. More grease bro!!

  6. Kongratz my son,Concentrate your efforts and mobilize your age mates to proof the redundant older generation all wrong in their concours and white collar job mentality...We eat a lot of fowls in crydies in Alah matu city in Mankon kingdom so we hope to get your contact from your website and endeavour to eat Mankon in order to think and act Mankon accordingly..Never wrong for parents to learn better ways from kids...especially in our civilized Mankon...

  7. Simply amazing !! Society more of this..Keep up the good work����

  8. Simply amazing!! Society needs more of this..keep up the good work����✨

  9. Bro your words are so touching and encouraging. Where did this great work originate from?
    I seriously need advice on where these solid stones on which you stand on came from.
    I'm so proud that my "country-man" from the same village has such thoughts in mind.
    We are all proud of you bro
    Keep up
    The sky is your limit