Thursday, 4 August 2016

Shocker! A Young Girl Died In Full Sexual Romps In Bertoua

Last Saturday in the Eastern region of Cameroon, precisely in the town of Bertoua a student of 20 years old died during hot sexual inter course.

According to reports from, the deceased who goes by the name Marie-Laure was been courted by a young man called Blaise who has been trying his luck to date this young student. Laure later accepted Blaise as her boyfriend, on that faithful Saturday evening the newly couple went out to have fun after which they decided to spend quality time together, but Blaise on the other hand took stimulants to show his babe how strong he is in bed but unfortunately for him, Laure couldn't support his speed and she passed out during the full act.
Questions people have been asking is; if Blaise took the stimulants men usually take or if the girl was sick before the act. What ever be the case we'll bring more info to you. Rest in peace Marie Laure
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