Thursday, 11 August 2016

Spanking New Video | Faux Weh By Stanis ' Le Dragon'

The Calabash music releases the visuals for ‘Faux Weh’, a song by their newly signed hip hop artiste; Stanis 'Le Dragon'. The video is an introduction of the creative capacity that the rapper possesses.
Stanis sings in English, French and pidgin, revealing the affinity that people have for the 'easy way out' (Faux Weh) in our communities. The song is produced by label mate; DJ K+.
The video is directed by the talented Video Director Dr. Nkeng which  infuses a creative twist that further brings Stanis' storytelling to life. It portrays the artiste playing various vicious roles whilst also seeking redemption from his bad ways. In a
musical scene already pervaded by perversity, Stanis is subliminally carving a new
niche through satire. Click below to watch, be thrilled and redeemed. Enjoy

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