Thursday, 22 September 2016

Amah Fashion House Unveils Promotional Photos For His New Collection "Brave"

We loved their designs for their outstanding, colourful and playful designs. Each design speaks for them self and this time Amah fashion house unveils their new collection called  "Brave"collection. All crowned around the idea of a flying butterfly .
"As butterflies seem so beautiful, colorful and delicate, they got the ability to be fearless , conquer any challenge big or small as they fly all over the world" . His new designs are bold with very strong details. Hope his unisex pieces inspires you to conquer .They are simple but very stylish with a touch of class and uniqueness. You can’t go wrong embellished in any of these pieces for a casual day wear or cozzy night out when you want to stand out and be noticed. See the promotional photos below


Go shop Amah Fashion house design and be different. Stylish is the word!
Photography by : Njikeng Asonganyi
To order yours , call or whatsapp us at 677162374
Or shed 245 Bamenda main market.
You can connect with him on
Facebook @amahfashoinhouse

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  1. His designs are so beautiful. Very trendy too

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