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Banga Soup Recipe (Palmnut Soup The Bakwerie Style)

How to cook banga soup
Banga soup is one of my favourite soup. I'll always go back for more when ever mummy cooks it with kwacoco. And was always a Saturday meal at home. So when its Saturday we were always so happy cos we know mummy will cook our favourite meal. My siblings and I will always please mummy during the week, what ever she asked us to do we will do it because we know Saturday its Banga soup (palm nut soup) is a soup generally eaten by the Bakwerie people of the South West region of Cameroon.

Though it is eaten by other regions though their way of preparation and the spices are quite different. The Bassa's cook theirs with ground grilled groundnut and alot of other spice and they call it "Nsongibiton" (not sure of the spelling though😂) The Bakwerians consider this food a delicacy as it is eaten on special occasions when served with kwacoco (grated cocoyams wrapped in plantain leaves) which generally has a different name. Banga soup as the name implies simply means palm nut soup and its one yummy soup I think everyone needs to add to their menu. Today I'll be making banga soup the Bakwerie style. So legoooo...
Prep time: 30mins
Cooking time: 50mins
Serves:8-10 persons
*1500g or freshly harvested palm nuts
*1000g of assorted smoked fish.
* 400g of canda
*2large onions.
*small amount of ginger.
*half glove of garlic
*2tbsp of ground black pepper
*Small amount of anchaia vegetable for colouring.
*200g of ground Cray fish
*ground pepper
*2cubes of maggi crevette
*3 cubes of maggi
*salt for seasoning
1- wash your palm nut fruits then put in a pot. Add water just enough to cook the palm nuts.Place the pot on the burner and let it cook for 20 minutes until it is soft. To know if its soft, take one of the palm fruit and bite if its soft then it means its ready.

2- place the palmnuts in a mortar And pound with a pestle till the skin separates from the kernel. If you dknt have a mortar, put the palmnuts in a pot and pound using a fufu stick. Scoop the pounded palmnuts in a bowl and add water into it, now squeeze and strain the palm but liquid in a clean pot.
3- Place the pot containing the palm but liquid on a burner and allow it to cook for 20-30mins. Make sure not to cover the pot completely for the next 10mins as the soup might become fummy and overflow.

4- Get your spices ready and grind. That's the crayfish, onions, ginger, garlics, black pepper and pepper. Also slice the anchaia and wash with a bit of salt then rinse.
5- Put the meat, the washed anchaia and the ground spices to the soup. Add the maggi cubes and salt for seasoning, cover the pot and let it cook for another 10mins. Check for seasoning and if it's up to your taste then your banga soup (palmnut soup ) is ready.

Banga soup can be served warm with garri, rice, kwacoco, plantain or any complement of your choice.

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  1. Thank you for this recipe. Looks yummy! I just took screenshots to try it at home. Will definitely revert with feedback.

  2. Amazing recipe. Pls can you put up the kwacoco recipe too as well? Will try this. Please it is ok if you use another vegetable? Thank you

  3. This looks amazing. But can we use those palmnut liquids from the tin? If yes do we do the same process? Just being curious so let me know. Nice post

  4. This soup is everything. Pls can we store the nuts in the freezer?