Monday, 12 September 2016

Dilong Entertainment Presents "American Visa" Part I

Hello #glowers!!!

Here is a comedy skit you really want to watch!

AMERICAN VISA is the first comedy skit under DILONG  ENTERTAINMENT (they have done  many others in the past ).  For those of our readers who don't already know, Nsang Dilong is a Cameroonian model, Miss West Africa Cameroon 2011/2012  and an actress.  

The skit shows how Paulina (Nsang Dilong) who is the lead character struggles so hard just to acquire a Visa  to the USA but to no avail. 

It should be noted that this is  part 1 , and part 2 will be up in about a week and many other releases will be put up too. Follow the link bellow to upload and watch the skit...please don't laugh alone, spread the word 


The video can also be seen on -Nsang Dilong's page  (Nsang B Dilong)

"American Visa" was brought to life by Tebo Njie who is the editor and DOP, Chenui Franzel the co-writer, assistant director and Nsang Dilong the executive producer. 

Enjoy, share and comment... #americanvisa 

Stay tuned for the next part and other entertaining releases!!!

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  1. kudos Nsang Dilong, you are an inspiration.