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#GirlBoss : Meet Adeline Sede Kamga The CEO Of FabAfriq Magazine And A PR Guru

Hi GMers welcome to another girl boss series on Glow MOnAT. Girl boss series it's a platform where we celebrate First-Class Cameroonian female entrepreneurs who have made their mark in creative, cultural and business ventures and changing the game in business.
We also consider them power ladies who are there to inspire the young people in entrepreneurship. They are business trendsetters.

Our girl boss of the week is a passionate lady, a strong woman who is always focus, daring, beautiful, intelligent and proactive, she is Adeline Sede Kamga. Adeline Sede Kamga is a mother, a wife, a CEO, a fashion lover, a promoter and a PR Guru. The FabAfriq CEO is no new face or name to the movers  and shakers of the Cameroon business scene for the past few years after she returned back from the UK. Every where this lady passes she definitely leaves a positive trace. You want to know more about this CEO? Continue reading....

Glow MOnAT: Please tell us who is Adeline Sede Kamga?
Adeline Sede:  I am mother of 3, a wife and a sister to many. I am also the Ceo and founder of the Awardswinning African lifestyle magazine called FabAfriq.  A part from being rooted in the operational management of FabAfriq Magazine, I am a seasoned corporate PR executive and I believe in providing quality services to the businesses I represent around the globe.

GM: How did your love for magazine writing came about?
AS: Glossy pages and beautiful images were never my motivation as a young girl. I had always wanted to be on the mic. I loved the mic and knew I will grow in a career where I’d be inseparable from the mic. Unfortunately, I never explore the opportunities I had back in the days. I diverted into a career in Human Resources management and enjoyed this for a few years. I have shared my story about connecting my professional and educational dots on another platform. Briefly, I am happy. I actually did an MA in Human Resources after my BA in Corporate communications. I guess my passion from communication overtook my love for HR as 6 years after my MA, I diverted into communication-specifically into creating one of the most beautiful glossy magazines in our days!
 I started FabAfriq at a point when I had very little options. Just like many other business leaders, I was facing redundancy and I just had my baby boy. The time I spent at home during maternity gave me enough opportunities to research the concept of a lifestyle magazine. It started in one of my friend’s kitchen, we had plans of doing this together but I guess people have different dreams. Just a little conversation, in a little kitchen and here we are today.

GM: You’re also a PR expert and a motivational speaker and a mum too. How do you dribble these roles?
AS: My career is at its peak now and I am happy I have one of the most supportive husband. Being a PR executive means being ahead of the game all the time. It’s not about what others are doing, but about what works best for your clients. What works for A, might not work for B! I spend alot of time reading. My library is rich with wisdom and I tap into this wisdom all the time. This empowers me to be ready with the right words to motivate and inspire people. Six years ago, I gained a qualification in Coaching. This is one of the most important qualifications I have under my belt. This is simply because it has helped me to review not just my life, but that of the people I work with and the people I coach! It has also helped me to prioritise and to grow my organisational skills.

My kids are an integral part of my life. I discuss a lot with them. My eldest daughter is my number one supporter; my two little ones are my soundings board. I talk to them about my problems, my strategies and my achievements. At 4 years and 7 years, chances are high that they don’t get it, but I give them at least an opportunity to share my journey. Involving them in my operations makes it easier for me. Moreover, I see my kids every day, except I am out of the country. I also spend one month with them every year on a holiday of their choice. Dribbling the roles is hard, but at this point, my eyes are on the goal...I might be retiring soon-haha

GM: As an entrepreneur in Cameroon, what are some of the huddles you have encounter so far?
AS: Business is hard in Cameroon. I am sure business is hard everywhere. There is always the challenges of setting the right pricing and getting people to pay the price tag you set. I am a flexible person, so I take this quite lightly. I however, refuse to compromise the quality of my work due to the short sight of others. There are also the challenges of getting the right team/staff. I am pleased I have managed to recruit and retained some of the best people in the market. Loyalty is something that most Cameroonians do not care about- Back lashing and all... One thing is for sure, I am not complaining and I have set my eyes on the goal...

GM: What advice will you give to upcoming entrepreneurs in Cameroon?
AS: Remember to identify your business identity. Stay true to your Idea. No matter how long it might take, if you believe in it you will achieve it. Forget about what Mr A or B is doing, these are distraction. The real action is what you need to do to take your idea from your head to the board room and from the board room to the shelves. Keep your eyes on the goal and go get it!

GM:  Tell us about  seizing opportunities as a business person?
AS: Seizing opportunities- Wow, my favourite... One thing you should never do is double cross someone. There are lots of opportunities out there to be seized. Do not go for someone’s opportunity, create an opportunity for yourself and maximise this. As a business person, you have to be innovative and you have to educate yourself. There is a lot going on in Cameroon now and these virgin areas are for you to check out!
A good opportunity is my latest initiative called The Corporate Awards. Remember I have an MA in HR? Well, I have been offered more than 4 HR top positions since I moved back home. This was however, not for me. I however looked into the industry and realised something was missing!!! I am filling the gap- There is no benchmark in Cameroon with regards to how HR is doing- Most companies carry out internal auditing but who sets the benchmark? Who are they benchmarking against?
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