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GM Beauty: Beauty Uses Of Lemons

Lemon does not only add flavour to our foods but is also known for their great health and beauty related benefits. Lemons  are not only rich in vitamin C, antioxidants but they also contain astrigents, and disinfectants properties which function as a natural bleaching agent. If you're not using lemons on a daily basis after reading this post you'll buy loads of lemon to try these few beauty uses of lemon at home.

Blackhead treatment: You may think it sounds funny but its so true, lemons also have antibacterial properties which can help treat acnes. Just use a slice of lemon and squeeze the juice on your face. leave it for a while and can be washed either with warm or cold water. your blackheads will start to fade away befoe you know it. Do this on a daily basis to obtain a good result.

Skin brightener: Lemons are rich in Vitamin C and citric acids they can help brigthen and lighten your skin when used over a period of time. Vitamin c is a great antioxidants for neutralising free radicals and boosting collagen productions, this smply means lemons can help lighten age spots qnd dark spots. Do not apply lemons on your skin when stepping out since the citurs fruit is more sensitive to UV rays.  

Cleansing wipes: If you're still a new lemon lover, then you have to start using lemon as a cleanser. mix a table spoon of lemon juice with a few drops of tree oil or jojoba oil in about two spoons of water. this melangé can be used daily as a cleaser, with the aid of a cotton use it to wipe your skin. This mixture also acts as a great toner. 

Lip exfoliator: Did you also know lemon also act as a good lip exfoliator? Put a little amount of lemon juice on your lips before bedtime, and wash it off in the morning. This helps to remove dead cells and dried skins. Please do not use on severe severely damaged lips. 

Elbow and Knee Bleacher: Some people naturally have the areas around the knees and elbows 
more darker. don't use harsh agents to damge you skin, instead simply them with a half of lemon, rub everyday and it works like magic. 

Teeth whitener: A mixture of baking soda and lemon juice helps to whiten teeths, Mix a tea spoon of b aking soda with a tea spoon of  lemon juice, then use a tooth brush to scrub your teeth and rise and your teeth will be as white as new, Not only is this mixture effective it is way cheaper than going to a dentist lol

Nail strengthener and whitener: using alot of chemicals during house hold chores or a lot of other bad habits can cause your nails to weaken or change its colour. Lemon is a wonderful ally for fighting this prooblem as it hels promote the elimination of marks on nails and strengthening them at the same time. All you need to do is mix a bit of lemon juice with olive oil then apply to the nails, this will makes your nails becomes whiter and stronger. 

Hair Lightener : This is one of the most common well known beauty uses of lemon as it is said to produce good results. It helps for hair lightening and to make it shinny. Apply lemon juice to your hair and expose it to the sun, with the sun contact the lemon will help lighten giving your hair a light and golden highlights. 

For Armpits: Lemons are excellent ally for taking care of the armpits as its properties acts as natural deodorants while at the same time, it helps to clear dark spots around your armpits. Citric acid in lemon helps for killing bacteria that cause bad odours, so lemons basically works as an emergency deodorant. Rubbing lemon juice daily to your armpits helps to drive unpleasant odours. For more information about lemon used in natural deodorant, visit 

Shine Eliminator: Lemon is also great for reducing excess oil. 

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