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GM Cuisine: Easy Tasty Okonobong With Egusi Recipe

Hi foodies, happy new month, hope this September started on a cool note. So let’s do something different. Many people have been asking me how I cook my okonobong, especially the one with melon seeds (egusi)  Okonobong is a vegetable which is mostly eaten by Cameroonians. Its also a delicacy in Cameroon. Okonkbong can either be stewed with groundnut or melon seeds (egusi). But today we will be seeing how to stew this yummy vegetables with normal egusi. It’s a soup which can be eaten with a variety of food. Let’s get started...
Prep time: 20minutes
Cooking time: 50 minutes
Serves : 6
- 4 heaped cups of egusi
- 500g of washed okonobong
- 500g of meat (either slightly smoked or fresh)
- 2tbsp of white pepper- ground
- 6 gloves of Garlics
- Small amount of ginger-ground (optional)
- Pepper-ground
- 200g of Cray fish - ground
- Smoked fish
- 3 large onions (divided)
- Oil (both palm oil and vegetable oil)
- 2 tablete of maggi crevette
- 4cubes of maggi (divided)
- Salt to taste

1- Rinse the meat be it smoked or fresh meat and cut it into normal slices, add the smoked fish and put in a pot or pressure cooker. Add the white pepper, slice one onion and season. Place on the burner or what ever means of cooking. But today am cooing on a three stone fireside lol! Let it cook for 30 minutes until it becomes soft.
2- Remove the meat from the pot and place in a bowl, remember to always keep the stock, it will help you later.

3- Place the pot back in the fire and add the palm oil, cover it and let bleach for some few minutes. Put the pot away from the burner or fire side and let it cool off. Put the soaked ground melon seeds (egusi) in the oil and stir for a while. Add water and let it cook for 20 minutes. Remember never rush while cooking egusi, it troubles the stomach if not cooked well.
4- Now add the meat and fish to the egusi mixture together with the stock too.
5- Grind the garlics, ginger, pepper and onions either in a mixer or a grinding stone which is what I used today. Thereafter grind the Cray fish or njanga. It just be dusty! You can now add it in the pot then let it cook for another 5 minutes

6- Put the put down from the fireside or turn off the burner, now add the rinsed okonobong (don’t squeeze it to be too dry) to the mixture and mix. Add seasoning and put it back on the fire or if it’s a burner, turn on the burner, and let it cook for 10 minutes without covering the pot please.

Chop the remaining onions and add it to the okonobong mixture. You can now add the vegetable oil and taste for seasoning. Let it simmer for some few minutes et voila your okonobong with egusi is ready.

 Serve it warm with either planatains, cocoyams, yams, garri or even fufu.
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  1. oh my God this looks sooo Yumm Tina. Will definitely try it sometime.

  2. Yes, this is it!!! This looks delish! Am definitely going to try it here in naija. But I don't know the vegetable. Pls can we find it anywhere?

  3. This Indian cooking can be found in Punjab and it's somewhat like Mughlai food from the North West boondocks.