Wednesday, 28 September 2016

MOnAT #ZIK237: EBAKO AKA CamericanIdol

Hi #glowers!!!

Did someone say #ZIK237??? Oh Yessss It's back by popular demand!

Okay now that everyone has calmed down, it's time to inform you that #ZIK237 is back on MOnAT blog with a bang featuring one of the hottest #237 rappers of our time EBAKO aka Camerican Idol!

A little reminder about #ZIK237; Every Wednesday, we will feature one Cameroonian artist/ group/ music label, sharing some of their top hits and videos!

This is an effort to promote #237 music in Camer, Africa, and the world! Follow links and go watch...let's make #237artists viral!

Okay now, back to business (wink)

The audience can't seem to get enough of this rapper who stays true to himself and to his roots, as he dominates the rap scene. 

#Versace, his latest hit track is making waves all over, and the remix with @Kreef's MicMonster is a-ma-zingggg!!

I'll say no more...just enjoy EBAKO'S works bellow and don't enjoy alone...share with your friends! No MOnAT fan left behind!

Let's gooo...  (Versace) (Arabian Night) (King to a Queen) (Kunta Kinte) (Feel like a Don)

EBAKO is definitely a household name by now, but if this is your first time o hearing about him ain't you glad you stopped by?! (wink)

Stay tuned for #ZIK237 next Wednesday... who will it be? 

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